Saturday 21 March 2015

Coven Conflict Full Run

Coven Conflict

Working progress, i like it. All the below systems will be open for play on Monday 23rd for a full week. Overall changes include:

  • New look coven conflict page
  • Coven conflict links added to the coven page
  • Left box now appears for raids, skirmishes and invasions
  • Dedicated vampire lists added where exp pays only for active hits


Here are the changes to raids and another an overview of the feature:

  • Your first kills (their active member count/10) will yield + 10 raid exp (up from 5)
  • Every kill after will yield the same + 3 raid exp, zaps remain + 2 raid exp
  • Your score can no longer go into negatives (so only have to work back up from 0)
  • Only active players (within a month) give off raid exp
  • Quick link added to the coven member attack list page

I will keep a close eye on making sure the raids complete when they should. If you're in a raid that didn't end when it should, be sure to let me know ASAP so I can clear it manually and look into why.


One change and one addition to the skirmishes at the moment. The divide by active members formula at the end of each round now counts members logged on the past 3 days, rather than a few weeks. Which will reduce the division amount, so having a few lingering inactive don't count as much as against your coven score, and will encourage everyone online to contribute to increase the score.

I have also added a coven tier list page so you can see a full list of covens and all the tiers.


Due to no complaints on the invasion side, it's currently staying as is.

Token Shop

The token shop is open for business! Instead of just going ahead with this on my own, I'd like everyone who is in a coven, owns a coven, runs a coven to pitch it on what they think the token shop boosts should cost. I've started a thread to discuss this subject.

An extra enhancement to a current conflict feature and leaderboards to come soon. To give feedback etc for this particular update, please use this thread.

New Server

The new server arrived a couple days ago, and we'll most probably get plugged in and transferred sometime early next week. I will keep you in the loop of when that will happen, keep an eye on the game updates or our Facebook page.


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