Thursday 5 March 2015

Blood Thirst Competition

New Server

I've been doing some thinking, some research and some chatting to my hosting tech guys about the future of Reign Of Blood's servers. We mingled over the usage, the power consumed at resets and came to the conclusion it was time for an upgrade. Long story short, we worked out some of the bottleneck comes from the I/O speed of the hard disks. So instead of keeping on adding more and more servers to our network, we're going to do something radical.

I have ordered, a rather beautiful, new server for Reign Of Blood. And it's quite a beast. It'll have top of the line SSD drives, a lot of RAM and super fast Intel server grade processors. It'll be about twice as fast as the one we have now, which was also part of it, our servers are getting onto being 4 years old now. There will be some downtime in a week or two as we make the transfer, but I'll know more information closer to the time, this is just a heads up!

Blood Thirst Competition

The time for Blood Thirst is almost here! I have just gone though and sorted all the vampires who have entered into 5 teams. Head to the Blood Thirst page at Dead City to see which team you are in. I have also added a special temporary chat, where you can talk to just your team mates.

The competition will start counting kills and blood from midnight game time tonight, for a whole 48 hours. To find the full scoring information, head over to the Blood Thirst page.

I hope you enjoy the competition.


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Unknown said...

I pray that by the end of this competition all you other teams will be GREEN with envy.

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