Sunday 8 March 2015

Blood Thirst Results

Blood Thirst Results

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Blood Thirst Competition. It was a lot of fun. And the overall positive response from it was great to see as well. Here are the winning teams, and the top players who contributed the most towards their teams.

The Winner(s)

Tie First Place: White & Green Team (9 points each)
Second Place: Red Team (6 points)
Third Place: Yellow Team (4 points)
Fourth Place: Blue Team (2 points)

The Top Wins

Position 1 
Team Green (42,282 Wins)

Position 2 
Team White (40,307 Wins)

Position 3 
Team Red (38,944 Wins)

Position 4 
Team Yellow (37,681 Wins)

Position 5 
Team Blue (21,756 Wins)

The Top Blood

Position 1 
Team White (7,577,487 Blood)

Position 2 
Team Green (7,170,267 Blood)

Position 3 
Team Red (5,848,088 Blood)

Position 4 
Team Yellow (5,293,251 Blood)

Position 5 
Team Blue (4,349,576 Blood)

Top Player Wins

[Team Green] King Sassy (645468) got 2842 wins
[Team Yellow] Chestii Morbide (439725) got 2640 wins
[Team Red] vonhof glitch master (90159) got 2629 wins
[Team Red] RavenRouge (466509) got 2584 wins
[Team White] Alexis Romanov Drakon (390348) got 2557 wins
[Team White] Brennan Rego Malik (602429) got 2536 wins
[Team White] Lady Vladina LR Phuri Dae (477343) got 2499 wins
[Team Green] Angelique (676509) got 2494 wins
[Team Green] Lyla LaVey (331357) got 2491 wins
[Team Red] Reokan (73133) got 2452 wins

Top Player Blood

[Team Green] Morganika Bellator (93008) got 1823047 blood
[Team White] Brennan Rego Malik (602429) got 1743976 blood
[Team White] Ylenia Dalca (60993) got 1404737 blood
[Team Red] Reokan (73133) got 1328711 blood
[Team Blue] Queenie Happy Lil Killer (218258) got 909614 blood
[Team Yellow] Revalth Phuri Dae-LR (523102) got 902926 blood
[Team White] Brock Keates (416014) got 767242 blood
[Team Yellow] Michael (522259) got 679589 blood
[Team Green] Jocelyn Shamrock Nex (586647) got 659150 blood
[Team White] Lady Vladina LR Phuri Dae (477343) got 638568 blood

As you can see, it was pretty close.  It was insane seeing the battle lists so empty! The days activity was huge. We will have to do this again soon.

If you head back to the Blood Thirst page you can now collect your prizes.


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