Friday 13 March 2015

Coven Conflict: Invasions

Coven Conflict: Invasions

The Invasion part of the coven conflict system is now open for public testing. It is, at its core, the same as the old coven battles, with a few changes. Here are some of them:

- Interface has been updated to fit in with the new coven systems
- Invasion tier has been added to all relevant pages, this is separate to skirmish tier
- Hourly round bonuses now boost final exp by +3%
- Hourly round wins now boost coven exp payout by +1% per hour round win. When defending, your coven can actually earn coven exp just by winning rounds
- A few hour wait added before the invasion begins
- Zapping now earns invasion exp
- The rounds last from top of hour to top of hour, instead of half past
- You no longer have to wait until the end of the day for the invasions to finish, it checks every half an hour
- Banners no longer appear at the top of the battle pages, a new box on the left appears

There are a couple more changes I'd like to make, like the exp payouts, but I want to get this out there and tested before I go in and tweak.

Coven Wheel Changes

As you have probably noticed, the coven wheel is currently taking a little break. There is good reason for this. It was causing a few bugs with the war, and I've completely changed my mind about how to use this giveaway feature. It will remain down until next week, but don't worry, it'll be worth the wait.

Coven Conflict Overview

I will leave Invasions open for around 5-6 days, and then next week will work my ass off finishing off and making final tweaks to the whole coven conflict system. Bringing them altogether and doing a week of everything being open and available. And yes, that includes opening up the token shop and one more surprise feature.

For comments and bug reports on these new Invasions, please use this forum thread.

New Server Update

The server order has been placed and it should be arriving within a week. Super excited to see how RoB runs on SSD's. I'll update you when it arrives and there is a set date for install and transferring of files.

St. Patrick's Day Mini-Event

Starting from today you can enjoy the St. Patrick's mini-event. It will run for one week, and there is of course a delicious VIP/Plasma special to go along with it. Head to the Dead City to find out more.

Oh, and you can all have a drink on me.


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