Monday 27 October 2008

Neeeeeew stuff!

For those who have not noticed (be pretty hard not to) but the homepage has had another major makeover thanks to Dark August Night (85300) again! Aswell as the blood letters getting a make over, and the long awaited coven lend weapon feature is now released.

The forum and weapons system are slowly being developed.

Please post your feedback of the new homepage on this blog :)

Friday 24 October 2008

RoB toolbar v1.0 released!

I have found a site where you can create your own free toolbar. So i decided to make one for RoB! It is free, has useful RoB links and keeps you up to date what is happening on the site.

It works for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Download RoB's Blood-Bar V1.0 @

Toolbar Link ideas

Comment this post for links that you would like on the ReignOFBlood toolbar.

Wednesday 22 October 2008

New forum maybe?

I am having to create a new forum for someone, and i had the amazing idea of adding it into RoB. Why? Because it will be bug free (i.e: sticky threads not sticking, auto break problem etc). And it will look better and just be a general upgrade.

The only problem with it is, is that it would have to be a clean database. meaning all current posts will be lost...

There is a good and bad to most things. But as for the coven forums, i might keep the same as the amount of valuable guides etc in there.

let me know your thoughts by commenting this post or creating a thread in the forums.

Monday 20 October 2008

What's coming soon?

It's gone mid-October and the amount of Uni work already is insane. But all is not lost :) Some stuff i'm making for my solo project i can use on RoB. So soon, i will be implementing a new weapon and armour system, as well as adding the coven weapon/armour loan system.

I will also re-design the VIP page and the packs at this point aswell, you'll see why when it's done =P

There is stuff to look forward to, just might be a bit slow due to college work :) One last thing, if all goes well, should be getting some more artwork around the site, which will improve the overall look of the site.


Tuesday 7 October 2008

New Layout!!

Thanks to Dark August Night (85300) who has done some nifty banner/artwork for RoB, i have uploaded the new upgaded RoB layout :) I think it looks pretty damn awesome.

I've set it so everyone is currently viewing the default layout, you can go to your account options tab at the top and change it back if you wish.

Leave feedback by commenting this or in the forums, thanks again to Dark August, and i hope you all enjoy it.

Thursday 2 October 2008

VIP special offer

I have started a *get some plasma in the game* VIP special offer. It will run until 10th October. Trying to raise money to buy advertising on some big voting sites to get more players on RoB. If you have not got VIP yet, now is the time to get it.

I havn't done any work on RoB this week! Uni is taking its toll, but i am about to start creating the new weapon system, so there is something to look foward too :) More details on it later.

Have a good week guys.

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