Friday 24 October 2008

RoB toolbar v1.0 released!

I have found a site where you can create your own free toolbar. So i decided to make one for RoB! It is free, has useful RoB links and keeps you up to date what is happening on the site.

It works for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Download RoB's Blood-Bar V1.0 @


†Nixdorf† said...

Awesome going Ash. I downloaded it, and so far it's awesome :D

Anonymous said...

I'll be checking that out ASAP. And, fyi, I love the new home page design.

Anonymous said...

JasperCullen: Ash I think you should add "search Vampire" to the quicklinks.
Its a lot easier than going to battle. Then search. Etc. and its something everybody uses almost daily.

Anonymous said...

The toolbar is awesome :)

Tolkienlives said...

Nice one Ash it looks pretty class!! Nice work!! :):):)

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