Thursday 2 October 2008

VIP special offer

I have started a *get some plasma in the game* VIP special offer. It will run until 10th October. Trying to raise money to buy advertising on some big voting sites to get more players on RoB. If you have not got VIP yet, now is the time to get it.

I havn't done any work on RoB this week! Uni is taking its toll, but i am about to start creating the new weapon system, so there is something to look foward too :) More details on it later.

Have a good week guys.


†Nixdorf† said...

Too bad the packs I can't afford are the ones that have the extra. I think I spent about a minute drooling over the new $500 one.

I hope that donation increases over this, Ash ^_^

Guildythewicked said...
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Anonymous said...

Lets see that new weapon system sooner rather than later Ash :D

Anonymous said...

hey ash im a big fan of rob but the u take the vip thing away u will loose most memmbers these sites u usely have to pay for a memmbers dnt have credit cards or pay pal accnts to do so i think u should make like a chat room for pay memmbers only and only the paying memmbers get to use serten fetures of the game ae i no what ur doing man and i hope all goes well man wish u all the best man

Anonymous said...

Run on sentence much anonymous?

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