Friday 24 March 2017

New Reign Of Blood News Location

Hello, vampires!

All new Reign Of Blood news will be posted on the news blog on our own domain.

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Sunday 19 March 2017

Revisited: Coven Raids

Coven Conflict

So far this month we've made some tweaks the Coven Wars and introduced Coven Brawls. Next, we're going to look at Coven Raids.

War & Brawl Tweaks

As we have had our first week of the new wars and brawls, I've made a few more adjustments.

  • Wars - 5k minimum war score required to earn rewards
  • Brawls - Adjusted some of the brawl exp payouts
  • Brawls - Other coven member bonus is now any coven member bonus

Coven Raids

Raids have been loved and hated depending on whether your coven can dominate in the format. Today, I concede and make some radical changes to Raids, but still keeping with the spirit in which they began. Raids were designed to be an attacking based conflict system lasting no more than an hour or two, for the purpose of stealing goodies from other covens.  

But in a quest help newer and smaller covens, the Coven Brawl was a system putting all covens equal, and now the Raids will be much quicker allowing anyone to compete, leaving Skirmishes and Invasions somewhat to the big boys. Raids will be faster and hopefully a lot more fun and competitive with these new changes.

Raid Exp requirement is reduced to 66% of all available targets. Targets are active players in both covens. So if your coven has 42 actives, and they have 22 active, the total targets is 64, meaning the raid exp required is 43 (1 raid exp per kill). Whichever coven, the attacker of defender, hits 43 raid exp first, automatically wins the raid. At the end of the hour, if either side does not hit the amount needed, the raid fails. If you defend a raid, you're rewarded more handsomely with coven exp.

This new raid system will start on Monday 20th March. Click here to view the forum thread.


Wednesday 15 March 2017

St. Patrick's Mini-Event

Coven Brawls And Wars

If you missed the update where the coven wars started up again, and the new system I created is now the coven brawls. To read about that if you missed it, you can click here.

St. Patrick's Event

It's St. Patrick's once again, so here's a St. Patrick's mini-event for you all.

The Green Bar

The Green Bar is again open for all those who want to enjoy a delicious treat. You can buy drinks with Gold Coins which can be earned from searching Greenwood, clovering (that's right) and from the special pack below.

Clover Bashing

Smash other vampires with a clover (which happens randomly) and get rewarded some gold coins.

Variety Pack

To celebrate St. Patrick's day with a special, there is a Variety Pack available. Get a bit of everything, including a rare collectible, for a bargain price. Click here to see the details.

The event starts right now and will end on Sunday March 19th.


Sunday 12 March 2017

Coven Brawl & Return Of Wars

War Of Covens Restored

There is a muddy line between trying to find a solution to please people who want something new, but at the same time catering to the fact people don't like change. As you can imagine, that's a tough thing to try and do. Last week I announced a new War Of Coven system, and although the concept is really cool - people miss the wars, and I empathise with that. While I strive to create new things, new ways to interact with each other, and new ways to play the game, I don't always want to remove what was there before to do so, so the War Of Covens has been restored.

Starting from Monday 13th March, the previous War Of Covens system will be back simply as "Coven Wars", and part of the now 5 Coven Conflict lineup.

Coven War Tweaks

Even though I have restored the War Of Covens back to it's past glory, I have made a few changes to enhance them a little bit.

  • Top scoring covens of the whole week will be rewarded with extra coven exp
  • The top covens of the entire last week listed on coven war page
  • Game wide war day is back and will add to your final week's score
  • War Exp tweaked. Basic kills now pay +10 war exp to give room for expansion
  • First expansion will be war exp boosters if you've hit certain milestones today
  • Dedicated scoring page added when clicking on the war banners
  • Have given the coven wars page a new look

Coven Brawl

To make this transition as seamless as possible, I have manually ran the tally of this week's wars. You'll see in your coven news feed your prizes, and the winners on the new Coven Brawl page.

This new system I have created will be made into a new conflict category called Coven Brawls. Thank you to those who tested it over the last week and gave constructive feedback, there are some changes I have made going forward. Starting from Monday 13th March...

  • All war references are now replaced by Brawl. So it's Brawl Exp, Brawl Turns etc
  • Brawl turn total has been reduced to 1200, and per player maximum is 400
  • Brawls will have their own place on the Coven Conflict page, and left banner 
  • When allocating brawl turns, the news notification displays what day it's for
  • Extra hourly brawl double exp boost added for each player taking part
  • New pending brawl turns page to see what players have yet to use their turns
  • If a player does not login on the brawl day, the brawl turns can be reallocated
  • Individual player efforts now logged and viewable from the day after a brawl
  • Brawl exp totals added to the coven rankings page
  • The brawls count towards your coven token system total for the week

Along with this comes a brand new Coven Conflict control page layout, which is laid out and ready as I revisit the other conflict systems.

The Coven Conflict arena is made up of 5 different systems. Find which systems your coven excels at and power your way to the top. Covens that take part are rewarded with tokens, coven exp and much more.

I have once again created a new forum thread dedicated to the Coven Brawls, as well as a thread dedicated to the restoration and changes of the Coven Wars to get more feedback going forward.


Sunday 5 March 2017

Revisited: War Of Covens

A warm welcome back to the Revisited series where I go back through game features that haven't been updated in a while, and give them new life and functions. For the foreseeable future, I will be working on the Coven Conflict system. The current conflict system exploded into our lives in mid 2015, and now its time to make some tweaks and improvements to the system.

Today, in this part 1, I will be focusing on the War Of Covens.

The war of covens is my favourite of the conflict system, and today there will be a load of new ways to earn war exp and the rewards to go with it, inspired by our Blood Thirst events. The most of February I have spent planning and coding a lot of it from scratch, so I hope you enjoy it.

If you've been following the forum thread on the subject, you'll notice that I have been hinting towards some changes that would help the biggest concerns about the conflicts. Firstly, the War Of Covens requires not a lot of extra effort, because you'll get War Exp just by getting in your kills, which some have labelled as "mindless". But, the biggest one is the amount of turns that is required. People are finding it hard to be able to enhance themselves and fight for their coven at the same time. I'm not one for making things easier for the sake of making them easier, but this has always been an issue due to the fact the conflict system use turned out different than was intended.

So today I have thought up a whole new War Of Covens system which is a concept that has not yet been used here at Reign Of Blood, and I do hope that people try and like it.

As I said above, the turn commitment to take part in all the conflicts is huge. So I have decided to take one of them, War Of Covens, out of that equation. In future parts I'll making updates to raids, skirmishes and invasions, and those 3 conflicts will be fought with your turns. But War Of Covens however, will not.

War Of Covens V2 Concept (Beta)

The concept of the weekly War Of Covens is as follows:

  • Coven chooses the day of the week they want to war this week
  • Before the war day is due, 'War Turns' are to be distributed
  • On the war day, enter a separate battle field to use your War Turns on vampires just like normal PvP battles
  • Earn War Exp for the kills. War Exp target bonuses, and random bonuses throughout the day will be in place to earn lots of bonus War Exp
  • At the end of the week, the scores are calculated and winners announced and rewarded

Let's go over some of that in more detail. Just as before, your coven chooses the day you want to war. Monday is excluded, so this will always be open covens to get together and sort out their week ahead. Due to the war turn distribution, you will no longer be able to declare on the day it currently is.  When the war day is decided, you'll then have the option to distribute War Turns to players in the coven. When your war day arrives, you coven members will be enter the 'Coven War Arena' to use your War Turns battling other vampires.

Your enemy list has been integrated into this system, use the link on the coven war arena and your enemy list links will link to the coven war arena.

The way to earn war exp has changed slightly. There are now several factors to pay attention to get war exp boosts, they'll be random boosts, and more. You'll get full information on the new War Of Covens page. (The all out coven war day has been discontinued, the only war day in the week will now be the war day your coven chooses.)

If your coven placed in the top 10 covens of the week, you'll earn coven exp and get hall of fame credits, which can be used for a vanity spot on the war of covens hall of fame.

As I've said, this will be a beta run for a while. So things may change, war turns  and rewards may be adjusted due to feedback and monitoring. We may break down covens into divisions based on average rank etc depending on how covens can compete. Plenty to play with.

I have added a forum thread for questions and feedback, so feel free to chip in and ask any questions.


Friday 24 February 2017

War Of Covens V2: Coming Soon

As announced last month, I have begun to spend some time revisiting the Coven Conflict system. The first system I am going to tackle is the War Of Covens.  I can announce today, after working on it for over a couple weeks, and will test over the next week, it'll be publicly available to you all on the 6th March 2017.

For years, the covens of the Dead City have been fighting and warring for advancement and supremacy. But soon, all that changes. A brand new weekly war system will soon come to pass. New strategies, new methods, new battleground. The new War Of Covens v2 feature will be arriving on 6th March 2017. Visit to view the information page.

I look forward to you trying it out.

Sunday 19 February 2017

Another Fallen

It has been brought to my attention that we have once again lost another member of our community, and another staff member at that. Anti always spoke his mind, and I find it fitting that his final duty on Reign Of Blood was laying the smackdown regarding the use of naughty words.

He will be missed, for sure. In his honour, Monday 20th will be double day for all. Double PvP blood, double turns, double coven exp.

The War Of Covens V2 are coming soon, so stay tuned.

Thursday 16 February 2017

Valentine's Event Roundup

Valentine's Event Roundup

Now that Valentine's is finally over, let's take a look over the top of players of the event. But first, the love/hate results are in. 73% of you love Valentines, and 27% hate it. There is more love this year than last year. Are you guys getting soft?

There was a total of 21,122 hearts ripped over the event.

This year I introduced a way to give love multiple times at once, and that has resulted in a lot of love being given. There was a total of 196,948 loves given.

For those who are good at math, you've already realised that is a lot of money. A total of $1,969,480,000 was spent this year giving love. Quite a chunk of change.

Free Reward For Taking Part

If you collected over 25 hearts during the event, you can grab yourself a free collectible.
Click here to redeem your free collectible.

The Reigning Couple Winners

The Reigning Couple contest winners has been finalised. First place gets 30 QP, 5 plasma & 3 WP each, second place gets 20 QP, 4 plasma & 2 WP each, the rest of the top 20 get 10 QP, 3 plasma & 1 WP each.

To view the full list of results, visit the Reigning Couples page.

The rose trading will stay up for another day or so.
I hope you enjoyed the event.

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Valentines Event 2017

Valentines Event 2017

Valentine's is here once more. And always I have a love filled event for you all to enjoy.

The Reigning Couple

The Reigning Couple is back once again. Grab a partner and rip hearts together. The top couples of the event will get some free roses. The hearts will be counted from 11th to the 15th of February. Head over to the Dead City to find a partner and enter.

Seasonal Equipment

The heart lockets are back this year, head to Dead City to grab one and complete your daily quests to enhance them.

Rip Those Hearts

Ripped a heart from a vampire in your PvP battles? Awesome. Go trade 'em for roses.

Give Love

Go onto another vampire's profile and give them all the love you desire. Even easier now!

Annual Love/Hate Vote

The big vote is on. Do you love or hate Valentines? Cast your vote for a free prize.

VIP & Plasma Special

And of course a delicious VIP & Plasma special is now online too.

The event will run from 8th February until the 15th February.


Monday 30 January 2017

New Co-Op Quests

Quests Statement

Quests have been slowly building up over time, and some are messy, a lot I don't even remember. As I have said I'll be soon looking at Coven Conflict again, then it'll be Valentine's day, and then after that I am going to spend some time going through all the quests from the start, removing the rubbish ones, making them more clear, fixing bugs, which will also result in me being able to add them onto mobile. I have also built up a load of quest ideas from players (and staff) I'll be adding in at that point as well.

New Co-Op Quests

Today I'd like to announce that I have added a brand new co-op quest chat. When you're a keeper of a co-op quest, or a member of someone else's, there is a new chat link that has popped up that will take you to the chat that only the people involved with that co-op quest can see and post in. I know this was asked for some time ago, and i'm happy to do it.

45 new co-op quests have also been added. All these are Rank 75+.

  • By The Minute I-V 
  • By The Hour I-V 
  • By The Day I-V

  • NPC Hour I-V
  • Minion Hour I-V
  • Light Blood Hour I-V

  • Blood Hour I-V
  • Plasma Lover IV
  • Poor Hunters I-IV
  • Killing In The Dark I-V 


Saturday 14 January 2017

Blood Thirst 9

Blood Thirst 9

It is time for another Blood Thirst contest! The contest where you're put into random teams, kill over a couple of days and get rewarded handsomely for your efforts. There are a few tweaks this time as I continue to improve the contest. These are:

  • Require 50 PvP wins today in order to enter
  • 150 PvP wins required to claim a prize during the contest
  • Prizes are solely based on your personal contribution, which is the same for everyone, but the rewards increasing based on your teams final position

The contest will start on Friday 20th at 00:01 and end Saturday 21st 23:55. That's the majority of 48 hours over those 2 days. You can enter from right now. Click here to view the Blood Thirst page for information on entering the contest. You must enter before the Wednesday 18th ends.

Sunday 8 January 2017

Social, RP & VIP+ Updates

RP Updates Part 1

Just before Christmas, I introduced a whole bunch of RP updates, click here if missed it.

RP Updates Part 2

But there's plenty more where that came from. Here are some more RP updates.

More RP Characters On Forum Threads
You can now add 3 of your RP characters to a single RP forum thread! When you head over to the RP forum, you'll notice the new interface that gives you the option to add a new character (all characters must be added to threads again, but all previous posts will remain along with the character info). When a new character is added, you'll notice the box doesn't go away! And underneath that is the text box along with a select box to choose which character you want to post as. This also is applied to house and coven RP forums too. Finally, there is Plasma Boon which for a one off cost of 1 Plasma to add up to 10 characters to a thread.

RP Character Forum List
On the your RP Panel, when you view all your RP characters you will see a new 'Forum' link underneath. Clicking this link will show you all the RP, coven RP, and house RP forum threads you have added that selected character to.

Morph Into Your RP Character
For people who like to change their characters often, or like to RP in different characters, there is now a new option on the change username page to morph into one of your RP characters. Your username and avatar will update to your RP character's. And when you're done, you can go back to the change username page and simply go back (or choose another character). This will be extra useful for those who like to RP in chats in a different character.

Extended RP Panel
Your RP Panel has been extended to include house and coven RP boards too.

Social Updates

The social element of the game is important to a lot of people. People enjoy playing in their covens, houses and the like. They like to be engaged with other online vampires and vampires in their networks. Connections is key to keeping relationships alive in Reign Of Blood. So today there are some new social features and upgrades to help with that. For the lone wolves out there, fear not, none of this is compulsory and can be pretty much be ignored so you can continue your day.

The Welcome Panel 
For the ongoing quest to fit more content in the same amount of space, I've made some changes to the login process (which you have probably already noticed).

That game updates you've missed will  now be presented on a page earlier. The page that welcomes you after you've logged in. This allows more room on the first page see after that for content.

What I call this new page, is the welcome panel.

This page is split into two main sections. One section is dedicated to starting your day, which includes many quick links to the most popular areas of the game. And the second is a social area showing what the other vampires of the Dead City are up to.

This section shows things like your online friends, family,  & coven members,  other online vampires, and some activity feed content.

New Social Panel
Your social panel has been given a whole new look, and a whole new wad of content.  It has a brand new look, and includes useful features like online friends, online family members, recent blogs, and a previous of status updates.

I have also gone through and made some enhancements to the pages, and also fixed some bugs including letting you know you've hit your house member limit, rather than them just not showing.

Blood Letter Folders
You ask, you get! I have added the ability for you to add BL's into folders. You'll see a new Folders link at the top of the blood letter page, and you can add entire letter threads into them when viewing a blood letter.

And finally, I've added some new order by options on the house directory page.

VIP+ Updates

Today I have also introduced a few new perks for being a VIP+ member.

  • VIP+ members can now give 7 Karma a day
  • Have up to 50 player notes
  • Repair all equipment at once with one click
  • Slightly higher chance to get a Vial Wheel win
  • (Made it clear that you see all Wheel times on To-do, and can be in 20 houses)

I hope you like these updates,

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