Saturday 14 January 2017

Blood Thirst 9

Blood Thirst 9

It is time for another Blood Thirst contest! The contest where you're put into random teams, kill over a couple of days and get rewarded handsomely for your efforts. There are a few tweaks this time as I continue to improve the contest. These are:

  • Require 50 PvP wins today in order to enter
  • 150 PvP wins required to claim a prize during the contest
  • Prizes are solely based on your personal contribution, which is the same for everyone, but the rewards increasing based on your teams final position

The contest will start on Friday 20th at 00:01 and end Saturday 21st 23:55. That's the majority of 48 hours over those 2 days. You can enter from right now. Click here to view the Blood Thirst page for information on entering the contest. You must enter before the Wednesday 18th ends.

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