Monday 30 January 2017

New Co-Op Quests

Quests Statement

Quests have been slowly building up over time, and some are messy, a lot I don't even remember. As I have said I'll be soon looking at Coven Conflict again, then it'll be Valentine's day, and then after that I am going to spend some time going through all the quests from the start, removing the rubbish ones, making them more clear, fixing bugs, which will also result in me being able to add them onto mobile. I have also built up a load of quest ideas from players (and staff) I'll be adding in at that point as well.

New Co-Op Quests

Today I'd like to announce that I have added a brand new co-op quest chat. When you're a keeper of a co-op quest, or a member of someone else's, there is a new chat link that has popped up that will take you to the chat that only the people involved with that co-op quest can see and post in. I know this was asked for some time ago, and i'm happy to do it.

45 new co-op quests have also been added. All these are Rank 75+.

  • By The Minute I-V 
  • By The Hour I-V 
  • By The Day I-V

  • NPC Hour I-V
  • Minion Hour I-V
  • Light Blood Hour I-V

  • Blood Hour I-V
  • Plasma Lover IV
  • Poor Hunters I-IV
  • Killing In The Dark I-V 


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