Thursday 16 February 2017

Valentine's Event Roundup

Valentine's Event Roundup

Now that Valentine's is finally over, let's take a look over the top of players of the event. But first, the love/hate results are in. 73% of you love Valentines, and 27% hate it. There is more love this year than last year. Are you guys getting soft?

There was a total of 21,122 hearts ripped over the event.

This year I introduced a way to give love multiple times at once, and that has resulted in a lot of love being given. There was a total of 196,948 loves given.

For those who are good at math, you've already realised that is a lot of money. A total of $1,969,480,000 was spent this year giving love. Quite a chunk of change.

Free Reward For Taking Part

If you collected over 25 hearts during the event, you can grab yourself a free collectible.
Click here to redeem your free collectible.

The Reigning Couple Winners

The Reigning Couple contest winners has been finalised. First place gets 30 QP, 5 plasma & 3 WP each, second place gets 20 QP, 4 plasma & 2 WP each, the rest of the top 20 get 10 QP, 3 plasma & 1 WP each.

To view the full list of results, visit the Reigning Couples page.

The rose trading will stay up for another day or so.
I hope you enjoyed the event.

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