Wednesday 11 February 2015

Valentines Event

Coven Raids

If you missed the launch of the new Coven Raids a few days ago, click here to get updated. For those that have had a play with the system, you can give feedback on this thread, or blood letter me personally if you want to give feedback privately. Your feedback is important.

Valentines Event

It's that love filled time of year again, and I've got some treats for you this year.

Reigning Couple
Find a mate and rip the hearts from other vampires! At the end of the event there will be a leaderboard with the couples who have ripped the most hearts from their targets.

Heart Ripping
Rip the hearts from your enemy vampires and use them to trade for more turns to rip even more hearts! What a delicious vicious cycle.

Revenge On Cupid
That damn cupid. Go and get some Seme Daggers and throw them at cupid. You can do this every hour. Throw as hard as you can, and see what goodies he drops for you.

When you get your hand on some roses, trade them for goodies more suited to a vampire.

Give Love
The give love is back! For a small fee you can give love to any other vampire on the game, and each player has their own counter on their profile.

Annual Love/Hate Vote
Each year I always make a tally to see how many people love or hate Valentines. Go and vote for yourself to earn a little prize.

VIP & Plasma Special
There is of course a delicious VIP/Plasma special. Click here to check them out.

There will also be prizes at the end of the event. Including rewards for the top couples, WP rewards of the top of the leaderboard positions, and a free collectible for all those who took part in the event. The event will last for 7 days, and end next Wednesday, the 18th.

Enjoy the event,

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