Monday 9 February 2015

Phase 3: Coven Raids

Coven Raids

It's time for you to all have a play with Coven Raids, Phase 3 of the new coven conflict system. Raids are a one round, task based attack system. They are designed to be quick & coordinated attacks against other covens in order to rummage for treasures.

A coven owner (or co-owner) can declare a raid on another coven once per day. Which means you can raid different covens up to 7 times in a week. Of course there are restrictions, for example, you cannot attack the same coven twice in any given week.

How Do They Work?
When a raid is declared, both covens will be sent a blood letter notification (just like with the War Of Covens etc.) There will be a wait of up to 2 hours before the raid actually begins. You will be presented with the amount of Raid Exp you need to earn in order for the raid to be successful. You need to earn the set amount of Raid Exp by the time the raid ends in 3 hours. Earn Raid Exp by attacking the players in the target coven, or by zapping them.

Can They Defend?
Yes, the enemy coven can defend against the raid. You need to earn a certain amount of Raid Exp as soon as the raid ends, the enemy coven can attack/zap you back, which reduces your raid exp score total. If a coven successfully repels a raid by reducing your Raid Exp below the requirement, they get coven exp in return for their effort.

What Do You Get?
The main focus will be tokens, which is explained below. But you also earn money. The more money a coven you raid has in the bank, the more you can get your hands on. If the target coven has potion credit and plasma in the bank too, you have a small chance of winning some for your coven. (Please note a coven does not lose any money, potion credits or plasma when raided. Your coven contents are 100% safe.)

It's going to be all about tokens. Tokens, although not fully complete yet, is a new currency suggested and formed to reward covens for coven conflict efforts. At the moment, covens are given 100 tokens per week. When raided, you do actually lose some tokens, but you can also steal tokens from other covens. For full information on how the tokens work, I have written it up in this thread.

I'll let you all have a play with the system for a week. I have started up a new forum thread for help answer any questions. Of course please post if you find any bugs during this beta period. All numbers and figures are subject to change, so give feedback and I'll keep making this better.


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