Tuesday 24 February 2015

Coven Conflict: Skirmish

Coven Conflict: Skirmish

In my mission to create a variety of coven war flavours, phase 4 of this new coven conflict system is a re-branding of the much loved (and not so loved) V2 round based war system, but coded from scratch  with some tweaks. Once a week you can launch a skirmish on another coven for coven exp and tokens. Win more of the 24 hour long rounds than your enemy to win the skirmish. Earn skirmish exp by attacking or zapping the enemy coven.


As per the majority request, the rounds have been reduced from 48 hours to 24. I am keen to meet in the middle and have them at 36, but we'll see how we get on.

Win the most rounds in a skirmish and the skirmish is a success. If you are successful, you will gain coven exp and tokens. The coven exp you get is based on the level of the coven you have launched a skirmish on, and how many rounds you won. If the enemy coven fights back and wins some of the rounds, your coven exp will be reduced. The tiers have also be altered a little, you'll find the new tiers on the skirmish page linked below.


People thought that losing coven exp, or rather the amount, was a little too much. I somewhat agree. So I've made a change, similar to above, to help that. The coven exp loss of a skirmish is fixed, but you can offset this by winning rounds. Both covens get coven exp round bonuses, the attacker only gets the exp if they win, but even if they win, the defender can earn coven exp too. For every round you win, you will offset some of the fixed loss of coven exp for losing the skirmish (as well as reducing their coven exp reward). If you win enough of the rounds, it can even go into profit and earn you coven exp.


For full information about the Skirmishes, you can check out the new Skirmish page. Or by going to Dead City > Conflict Control > Skirmishes.

Just like with the raids, you have this week to give this a test and give any feedback. The discussion will be held of this forum thread. Please give feedback after playing a skirmish, and ask any questions, report any bugs etc, thank you.


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