Sunday 1 February 2015

New Quick Links

New Layout

I'm glad most of you are liking the new layout, especially after some of the tweaks that were made. Those included edits of the text colours, adding back the option to pin the top bar, adding the lottery tickets back on the left, be able to have the clock and heal/suicide links back where they were. I think we did good on this one.

Quick Links

Many of you liked the fact the quick links were moved up to the top of the page in the new layout. But some of the niggly little annoyances were still there. So today I can announce I have completely re-coded the backend of the quick links system. Yes, that means it will appear all your quick links have vanished! Which yes, in theory, they have. In order to create a better system, I had to start new. Go to your account page, and click on EDIT QUICK LINKS (or use the link in the drop down menu), there you can activate the new system and start adding pages. For your convenience, I have added a link which links to your old quick links, where you can open them up, and use the new [add this page] link to add them over to the new system.

So what's new? They are now individually stored which makes them easy to edit and customise. By default, the links will appear across the top of the page. But I have now added the option for you to put them back into the drop down menu if you wish. You can now edit the links one by one, and also included the option for you to set your own link colours. Instead of upping links as before, I have added the "add to top" system to the links. Lastly, there is some light support for ?step=X pages (only when using the [add this page] button. So for example you can now link to forum.php?step=lastposts. If you're not using the new layout (default layout or RoB-Lite v2) you can continue to use the old system.

More Co-Op Quests

I have added 5 new co-op quests today. I do intend to add lots more, and lots more different variety of quests too - so keep a sharp eye out for that.

Coven Conflict v2 Phase 3 Preparation

The very next thing I'll be working on is the Raids feature of the new coven conflict system. I have setup the coven conflict control panel at Dead City for now. While this feature is being developed, the current coven battles will continue to operate until the final switch is made hopefully by the end of the month.

As always, any questions or bugs, let me know!


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