Monday 20 February 2012

3 Day Pancake Event

It's that time of year again... Pancakes!

From today to Wednesday evening (along side of the Valentines event) we will have a 3 day pancake event.

What does the pancake event include?

$20 (usd) pancake pack
On the buy VIP/plasma special there is a new pancake plasma section, but it comes with pancake flips too!

Pancake flipping
In the fun & games section of the Dead City, you'll see a place to go flip pancakes, you can get pancakes from pancake pack (above), or you can buy some from the IG shop. If you can cook and flip your pancake successfully, you can eat it!

Pancake names!
Stick "pancake" in your Reign Of Blood username somewhere, every player who does, on Tuesday night, will get some free pancake flips! Let's get pancake crazy again! For an example, check out my profile. The best names may even get further bonuses!

You must have the word pancake as it shows there, no fancy lettering, extra letters, or accents etc. When I apply the free flips, I will search for users with "pancake" somewhere in their name.

Valentines Event
All the valentines event, including the plasma special, will end Friday night. At this time, the Reigning Couples will be announced, so please make sure you've got all your heart bonuses, traded your roses and sees & completed the quests by then.

Have a good week!
~ Dark Pancakes


Anonymous said...

Mr dark pancakes, you have a extra letter "s" so as of right now you do not qualify for the free pancakes. lol In the US IHOP has a free pancake day next week. yes Americans are copycats.

pancake eater vonhof.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful ... Pancakes and Valentines going on at the same time !!! No shortage of fun :-)

NemesisAlien said...

For such an even we must have ash flipping pancake vid, season 2!!

DarkAsh said...

"pancake" is still in "pancakes" so it counts ;)

Anonymous said...

Umm.... Do I want to know where this pancake thing originated from?

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