Monday 1 December 2008

Important information regarding points

Happy Decemeber people :)

Firstly, the server upgrade is due to be installed this Saturday, which should speed the site up by quite a bit.

Points - Points are being removed from the game, they are a dead currency as there is no decent CPA offers around that i can find at the moment. You have until this sunday (7th Dec) to spend/trade off your points before they are removed.

The Xmas packs are very popular, and they will stay open until the end of Decemeber, so if you want to make use of the awesome santa hat you get with all the packs, treat yourself to a xmas gift :)

For those who have not noticed, i have added a new playlist on the chat pages, as the last radio thing i had up was a load of crap. This is set list i have set up, i can add a total of 200 songs to it, so if you want any songs you like on there, then simply click on the suggest songs link below the player, i will add some suggested songs every now and then.

Have a good one :)


Anonymous said...

Nice Ashie =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash ^_^

Anonymous said...

What about the points quest though ash? Will that be removed as well or just replaced with something else?

DarkAsh said...


Anonymous said...

What about those of us that use them for VIP?....Will there be an alternative option in the game to get VIP?

Jeffrey said...

Plasma is going to stay. And if the achievement is going to be replaced, for those who already completed that achievement, is it going to be replaced too and we´ll have the option to complete the new one?

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