Sunday 14 December 2008

Helpers wanted! && Ram installed!

Good evening fellow vampires.

The extra 4gb of RAM has been installed onto the server, which along with the new processor will make the site nice and smooth.

I am in need of helpers! Helpers as you can see on the staff list is currently empty, now these helpers are to help out in the help chat when they can and be available for blood letter help too. You will be listed as "new player assistants" where new players can ask you for help if needed.

Also it would be required for you to save all questions (along with the answers) so we can build some sort of huge FAQ and knowledge base where new players can search. So instead of you having to type out the same answer every time, you can just link them to that part of the FAQ.

  • Active - Logging on at least daily.
  • Good attitude - Having a helpful general approach to people.
  • Dont mind being asked same questions over and over by new people.
  • Want a yellow tick symbol.
  • Care about the game and its future development.
Blood letter the Rob Bot (ID 2) telling him WHY YOU should be a helper.

And also i would like to thank everyone who does help out in the chat, i do check there and see some members helping out, i do really appreciate it.
Thanks and good luck :)


Anonymous said...

Application sent - Jasper whitlock hale

Anonymous said...

Help coming ^^ Yay about the RAM

Anonymous said...

Application sent - Lady-Demon

Anonymous said...

I would like to be a helper.

Anonymous said...

i would like to be a helper.i dont mind one bit

Anonymous said...

id love to be a helper :)

Jeffrey said...

LMFAO! Dont mind being asked same questions over and over by new people. <--- I guess I´m out :p anyways... Nice to know that we won´t have anymore lag in some time.

Anonymous said...

*laughs at Jeff* You HATE noobs, Jeff. What on earth would possess you to want to help them? >.<

Jeffrey said...

Who are you?... nice to know that some people like to say stuffs and hide their names, anyways, I do like to help players, newbs and n00bs are not the same. I have a list of 10 new players that I help with equipment and money, but, if I go around bragging about what I do, it whouldn´t mean anything... So, get your facts straight, I help who is really going to use my help, helping dumb people is just a waste of time/money/patience.

Anonymous said...

app sent. hopefully i can help.

Nestor said...


I would like to help with Reign of Blood. I am a mmorpg veteran and I am an active player.

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