Tuesday 24 February 2009

Get your ReignOfBlood Merch & a new competition!!!

A big thanks to Dark August night for setiing up the merch store! It is now open for business!

You can view the store by clicking here

 A temp link has been added onto the side stats bar for now, but it will not stay there, don't worry. But a link also has been added at the bottom of the page which will always stay there.

Competition time!!!
It's been a while since we've had some sort of competition on RoB. Unfortunately this one will cost you
a few dollars. To celebrate the release of the RoB Merch i decided to do this:

- Buy a ReignOfBlood sticker (which can be found here)
- Stick it in any public place.
- Take a picture and send it to us!

- The winner (and the 2 runners up) will be chosen by me for the MOST ORIGINAL public place the sticker is stuck.
- If you are in the picture also, you get 10% extra plasma from whichever pack you win. (If you do this, you must send a picture of both just the sticker AND one with you in it)
- All pictures must be submitted by 14th April 2009 (it may seem like a long way off, but by the time you buy them and they get to you and you get the picture done, it gives enough time for people not living in the US)

Now the good part.... PRIZES
1st prize = $250 Plasma pack
2nd prize = $100 Plasma pack
3rd prize = $50 plasma pack

It will be decided on originaly of placement and the place (Pulling it off with lots of people will help a bit (which would make it more original), but any public place is acceptable).

SEND PICS TO: reignofblood.net@gmail.com with the subject "pic comp".

What's the reason for this? Get people into buying some awesome Merch and having stickers spread in random places (always wanted to see this happen).

So good luck, and post in the forum if you have any questions or ideas.


On a seperate note, as you can see the coven shop is pretty empty, if you want your own coven merch then please blood letter dark august night to submit your designs.

Enjoy =]


Extra rules & questions answered:
"You can send in one photo of one sticker in one location. Max 3 entries per person"


Anonymous said...

again with the credit cards.. how about ppl that dont have those? didnt see any other options...

Anonymous said...

Credit cards? That sucks. I really wanted to compete. Oh, well....

Guildythewicked said...

Thank You for having + sizes!!!!

Anonymous said...

So, basically, we do the advertising for you, and win the person that shows to more persons, not the one that puts in the most original place?
sounds a little overcapitalistic to me, pal.

Peggy said...

Yay! Dark Ash scores again... I know just the place I'm gonna put that sticker... hehehe...

Anonymous said...

hmm i sent in a shirt idea already for the coven shop when is what has already been sent going to be added anyone that knows please bl me on ron my rob id is (65182)

DarkAsh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DarkAsh said...

Everything sent to Dark August she'll keep until it's ready for release.

"So, basically, we do the advertising for you, and win the person that shows to more persons, not the one that puts in the most original place?
sounds a little overcapitalistic to me, pal."

It's the idea of putting stickers in places and getting your picture taken. It's hardly overcapitalistic. And no it will not work at all where the person who shows it to the most people wins, please read the blog. Originality wins it. Originality is boosted by being able to pull it off in busy places, that is all.

Anonymous said...

I would love a teddybear, will there be any with black t-shirts?

Anonymous said...

Yay! Your just in time ash~ my birthday & anniversary are coming up so I'm making a list. ;) & hella ya, thx 4 the plus~sizes!

DarkAsh said...

Plus $4 for a $250 plasma pack? I think sticking a sticker somewhere that advertises RoB a bit is a pretty good deal.

Anonymous said...

*making a wishlist* LoL.
Tyvm Ash &+ Dark :]

Anonymous said...

What if the people that dont have credit cards print out a flyer and tape it somewheres? Would that count in the contest?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to put this here but... what's wrong with the site? I've been unable to login for almost 12 hours. Keep getting page not found errors :(

Anonymous said...

it got attacked i read on the forum search regnofbloodfansite on Google shax no spaces

DarkAsh said...

There was an internal problem it didn't get attacked. Should work fine now :)

Daisy said...

what is the deadline on this?

DarkAsh said...

14th April 2009

Anonymous said...

still unable to login :( ... what's happening?

Anonymous said...

Haha No Chance I did a Beastly one , !!!! I Went To the police station dressed up like a vampire and got arrested OWNED! And my mom took the picture rofl it was funny Haha Glad im in a Fraternity and they thought it was a joke or id be getting some Mad Hate right now HAHA

Angela Lynn Teague said...

Hey, Ash. How are you? I want to talk with you. Email me at zikouangel7@yahoo.com.

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