Wednesday 4 February 2009

Roll on February... So much to talk about!

The new server is in place, and i think everyone can notice a speed in the page loads, which is great! Just to future proof it a bit more i have orded 4GB more RAM for the SQL server to help with it a bit more, that'll be put in at the end of the week probably.

As for game stuff, as promised the new enemy and friends list will be done,  i have had a lot of people ask me about it so i now know that is wanted by quite a few people.

The next thing is alignment, what the hell do you do with now?!  Absolutely nothing. But that is going to change. Haunted Whispers has come up with a pretty good base idea on what to do with it... and i like it. So you have that to look foward too =]

Also each of these blog posts now link direct to the blog post so you can easily make a comment below.

Back to the server, now there are more free room i have started some advertising campaigns, so you will say a nice flow of new members over the next week.

Inactives... at the moment i only delete inactives manually every now and then, i will be at some point setting up an automated system, where it will email you a warning after say, 2 months of not logging in, and then email weekly for a couple more weeks until it deletes your account. (Time frames are not set they are just an example). It's not liked (as i've experienced) but we need to keep the server free to allow new members in. This same system will be made for blood letters and news/coven news as well, as those are the main things that fill the server up.

I have a load of coursework to do, so i think i should get started. Enjoy your week and hope you look foward to the updates =]

Have a good one!



†Nixdorf† said...

Would having VIP days effect your inactivity deletion period?

DarkAsh said...

Yes, if you are VIP at the time you will not be deleted.

Anonymous said...

Hmm what about the new staff positions? Are those going to be done in February as well?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was wondering about that too.

Anonymous said...

Hmm these all sound wonderful, Ash you rock! I am most excited to see what happens with alignments :)

Anonymous said...

ya i was a lil curious as well it was a bit faster for my com but it had the opposite effect for my friend

Anonymous said...

:s Oh dear lord

Anonymous said...

If there is going to be an automated return of any coven-lent money/items on the account?

Anonymous said...

If I Was interested in joining the team, and become a staff member..
How wud i go about doing so Ash..??

And also.. wen d hells d NPC Arena re-opening
in the game.. I need to get into it to do my Beast House Quest

Anonymous said...

The NPC Arena doesn't need to open for you to complete that quest. The most likely scenario is that you've already completed it without realizing. But on a separate note, please don't use this blog as a way to ask for help. You have your coven, the help board, and Help staff for that.


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