Friday 27 January 2012

New MINION system (v1), new stats page layout, achievements list 5, new referral system & more

New Locations
2 new locations have been added  to the portal map. Petrik's Shack and The Unknown. The Unknown is a new location which currently closed to all vampires, but it'll be open soon. Petrik's Shack is explained below. The portal map has been updated, with a couple very small changes on there too.

New minion system (v1)
When I first started coding on the pets, I knew exactly how I wanted them to work. But the player base were pretty much split in half with their view on this. One wanting it the way I made it, and the other who wanted their pet to fight with them in their battles.  So I've decided (to much of your future enjoyment) to create a minion system.

Petrik, in the early hours of the morning, ventures beyond [ the yet to be explored ] human side of the mountains, where he captures skilled human killers when they're off guard (animals too). They are then enslaved, tortured and brainwashed to become minions of the Dead City inhabitants.

A minion, which can be bought from Petrik, is then stored in your new minion panel (see below). You can have up 10 minions, but can only use them 1 at a time. Minions help you in battle, but you have to look after them for them to be fully effective help in battle.

You can buy food from the food store on the minion page, you need to keep it fed for it to be effective enough in battle. Wouldn't want a minion with no energy helping you in battle, right?

You can increase your minions stats in two ways, one way, is to level the minion up and it's stats are automatically increased, or you can use AP to boost it's stats. Although keep in mind, minions have stat caps for each level, so you cannot just throw 100 AP and have a mega ultimate minion.

To read fully into the new minion system, I suggest you go check out the minion page, and the minion help page.

The minion system is for vampires over rank 30. 

Please note: This is the first version of the minions, they may be tweaked and altered in different ways as I watch them play out during their first version in beta.

New homepage layout
The homepage layout has an upgrade due to the fact I couldn't find a suitable place to have the minions. The main problem is there is so much content to squeeze onto this page, so hopefully you'll like the changes. The new homepage changes are:

- Navigation links at the top for quick access to stats, equipment, inventory, pets & minions.
- Power added & showing players close to your power.
- Greenwood information section added
- Added an option to remove the yellow warning box
- A nice cleaner layout
- Battle boosts tab to show ways to increase stats and rewards
- All number values (I.E money) have been formatted

New Referral system
On the "invite friends" tab on the new homepage, you will see a new referral system. The system is now based on you helping your referrals. Helping your referrals get into the game rewards you at the same time. Help them rank up and you get rewarded. If they buy VIP, you get rewarded even further! All new banners have been added to the referral page also. The link money system is still the same. You can also track your referrals on the same page to see how they're doing.

Achievements list 5
Slightly earlier this year... but achievements list 5 is here!

Ruby unbinding changes
I have now halved the price of taking rubies out of weapons. (Because I'm just that nice)

Been working hard for a while now on this, but I hope you like it!

Please report and bugs, further suggestions, or any questions you have about any of these updates on this thread.

Enjoy the weekend :)


Duke Danse Macambre said...

Ahhh an exciting time to be playing, cheers for the update and cheaper unbinding ash.

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Wish his shake worked though but early hours. ^^

Toushirou Hitsugaya said...

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting ']' in /srv/www/htdocs/petrik.php on line 31

its the message i get when traveling to petrik

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Ash!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Can't wait to try the new Minion System out. Thank you Ash!

Rizzy said...

HOLY UPDATE ASH MAN! You said it was going to be good. This is AMAZNG!!! I am thrilled. Thank you Ash!!!!

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Totally awesome Ash!!! I already have my first minion and know I'm gonna llooovveee it! :) Thanks so much Ash for all the new updates!

Anonymous said...

Great work! :D

Lydea Mey said...

As always, dear Ash, excellent work and much thanks for keeping this the best Vampire RPG running.

Isobel Lynn V. Gray™ said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Ashie!!! I simply love ALL the new features!! You are the absolute BEST! <3

Galahad said...

Waaaahhhh...list 5....i am not yet done with list sucks to leave the game a long time...but this is great news Ash! I am going to enjoy the new stuff but I will plod my way to finish list 3.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing that you bring us such Fab new content so soon after server repair !!!

Mikkala said...

Not seeing the navigation link for inventory. I may not be looking in the right spot if you moved it from the home page.

Everything else looks great! Thank you for all you do Ash!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing and really glad i stayed with rob.The look and feel is much improved. Mad Vlad is a happy Vamp. Thanx Ash :)

SPARTAN-117 (206620) said...

Awesome Ash, this is great!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

good job

Gabriella said...

Thanks Ash love the new add-ons. Minions what a great idea! :D Thanks for all the hard work you do make RoB fun, exciting, and us all coming back for more!

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