Friday 24 June 2011

New Points company, rank incentive & a couple small changes

For those who didn't know what points are, they are rewards for completing offers/surveys etc. I got an email today saying that our points company #1 (the most popular one) is shutting down so they can focus on their mobile side of the business (Because web apps aren't cool enough). So I've been hunting down more companies to supply the points to you. I've found one! And I want to give them a try.

I've tried to make things as clear and easy to navigate as possible on the points page. The new points company is now at position #1. You'll also notice these guys have a load more payment options too.

To celebrate, points company #1 will pay out DOUBLE the points that's displayed until Sunday. (If it says you'll get 12, you'll get 24!)

Did you know?  Points are currently selling at around $48,000 each on the market.

Slight rank incentive
So you need a little more incentive to rank up? No problem. I've added some rank duration quests.

Chat backlog
You can now view the last 500 lines of each chat.

June competition leaderboard
With only about a week left to go on the Greenwood hunt, a real time leaderboard has been added to the competition page (accessible from the Dead City). Here you can see the top dirt finders and how many grams of dirt you've found.

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