Thursday 9 June 2011

July 2011 Events & Double Points weekend

July is going to be a big month for RoB. We're going to get some new cool features and an interesting test project.

So what's happening in July?
- Project: RAHP
- A new location!
- The come-back feature
- Faster hourly reset with new database structure (killing off 503s [yn])
- & loads more

Help For Heroes Charity
I can happily confirm I got this email recently:
"We are delighted to tell you that your Help for Heroes fundraiser has been
approved! We would like to say a huge THANK YOU for your amazing support."

Show your support by buying a charity park of Trik's potions.

Merchandise Poll
A year or two back we had a CafePress merch site setup. We didn't really sell much so I decided to close it down. Although recently we've had a wave of people interested in getting their hands on some merch. Would you be interested? I want to get a general poll of people who would be interested. Please give us your thoughts here.

Double points this weekend
Earn double points this weekend (Starting now) on all points offers. I.E. If an offer says it pays out 20 points, on completion, you'll get 40 points!

There is a new blood bot around these parts.... the ID of this bot is 3. Click here to view his profile. Hes a weak rank 100.  How many people are going to fight over him each hour?

Blog Pages
If you've not already noticed, I've added some different blog pages above just for more general information for people who come across the blog who are not RoB members.

Top 5 June competition dirt finders
Here's an update to the top 5, in no particular order:

- Aislinn (54285)
- J0k35t3r (164141)
- Blade (424861)
- Shawn Breach (245670)
- Footman DCXLV (40487)

Enjoy the weekend :)


Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Thanks Ash! Looking forward to the new features, as well as I'm rockin' over the Help for Heroes charity! Perhaps another month for them? ;)

~Most Unholy~ Alchemist said...

Wow...Some has been busy. Keep up the good work Mr Ash

Anonymous said...

Lack of decent kills sucks.

Anonymous said...

Hope that come-back feature means MORE BLOOD ... as in come-back alive faster .... Glad to hear that the "Heroes" charity is appreciative !!!

Mizz Rozzie said...

One blood bot....grr....why not

†Izabetta Nervengift† (200221) said...

Thanks for the new features and the most likely upcoming merchandise, also, thanks for Mr. BloodBot lol.

†Izabetta Nervengift† and BloodBot have entered battle.
You have 0 power(s) activated boosting you in this battle (View activated powers)
BloodBot has 0 power(s) activated boosting them in this battle.

1. You punched BloodBot for 2690 damage. (-2190 Life Left)

You exterminated BloodBot (3)

+100 Blood
+315 Money
+100 Coven exp

+1 Weapon exp
+1 Armour exp

Anonymous said...


Echo said...

thanks so much for being an involved creator. nice to see you still here. ;)

casinospel said...

Thanks a lot it helps me a lot thanks for posting about this July 2011 Events & Double Points weekend

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