Friday 29 May 2009

The ongoing improvement to RoBs look!

I today also posted a blog about the reason behind the new login and exploring more VIP payment option which can be found here:

The reason for stating the above is because not many people come online each day and i have a new blog to post.

Onto now...

Dark August has kindly made a new top header image and background. It is now the default to all new members, and you can go into your account options and:

'"Change header image" > Default
"Background options" > Default

Change the above to get this new layout! Or can you can simply keep what you have got if you're happy with it. We understand everyone has different tastes, which is why we give you the option to chose what layouts you want to use!

It looks like:

(Click to enlarge)

A new navigation is also being tested to help navigation easier and at the same time allow more quick access to the main features of the game.

Hope you like it!



Anonymous said...

You have many turns.

DarkAsh said...

Yeah i don't battle or anything but vote on the sites each day so they slowly increase lol

Anonymous said...

that's soo cool!

Cordelia said...

Dark, its lovely!! Yey Dark and Ash

Daisy said...

thank you for all of your hard is appreciated :)

BloodLust said...

looks nice..I love a lil' bit of change..uber cool.. =P

Anonymous said...

ah, yes. Finally away with the devilish vamp lady...A bit annoying, she was.

Anonymous said...


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