Thursday 1 November 2012

Hurricane Sandy Appeal

Hurricane Sandy Appeal
I'm sure everybody has heard of the disaster that Hurricane Sandy has caused. As the majority of our players are situated in the affected countries, I've decided to do something little to help.

A lot of people are doing their own thing, so this is mine. I've decided to have a dedicated plasma pack, that will also unlock double turns for you until Sunday night for just $10. Which 50% of the money raised from the pack this weekend will be donated to the Red Cross Sandy Appeal.

The pack is located on the specials page, on the front page of our RoB item store. There is no limit to how many you can buy, but you can only unlock double turns on your account once. You are able to buy it for other people.

Halloween Event & Special
Just a heads up that all the Halloween events and special will be removed Sunday night, so make sure you get all your zombie brains used by then!

More coming up.



Anonymous said...

Very nice of you Ash!

BabyG said...

very good thing you do.

Rizzy said...

Red Cross isn't doing jack. There are better organizations to give to.

Anonymous said...

I personally appreciate this Ash. The devastation in my state and in the surrounding towns around me is incredible. This is the first year halloween has been cancelled in my state till November 5th by the Governor and even then trick or treating is not possible for a lot of the kids because they don't even have a place to call home right now.This is amazing gesture that you do.

Unknown said...

That is a good contribution to those that need help... ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ash :) Alot of us have had a really hard time.

Gabriella said...

This is an Awesome idea Ash. The devastation that has taken place alone along our East coast here in the States has been great. I feel for those who did not get spared like we did. My family and I had very little damage done to our home, but it breaks my heart to see how so many of our neighboring states did not get so lucky. Thank you Ash for being so caring and thank you to all of you who care enough to buy the packs to help out those in such great need.

Anonymous said...

such a sweetheart

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