Tuesday 20 November 2012

Thanksgiving Event & Black Friday Special Week

Good vs evil event
Thanks to everyone who took part in the good vs evil event. There was one clear winner, and that was GOOD with about 10million more blood over their evil enemies.

35,509,130 blood
25,330,979 blood

Everybody who took part with good alignment has been given 100 turns and 5QP!

Dual login removed
Due to login problems we were having, I have put back the separate email and ID login scripts. That seems to have fixed the login problems that a minority had. The mobile version of this is still active, though. On another quick note, there are a very select few players who are getting randomly logged out, is that you? Please post here with details so we can fix you.

There is one more small 'image' to change on the homepage, which will be complete soon, hope it doesn't scare too many of you! So glad the majority of you like it :)

Stubborn lottery
As some of you reported, the lottery didn't run on Saturday night. I got the error: (CRON) ERROR (setreuid failed): Resource temporarily unavailable.
Instead of running it manually, I just decided to let everyone keep their tickets, and it'll run next week for an even bigger jackpot.

November competition winner
A big thanks to everyone who submitted an idea. There were loads of them! Lots of good ones too, It would take too long for me to reply each one with a thanks, so thank you everybody! Moving onto the winner... (It was so hard to pass up on the idea of searching for Turkeys, plucking them, and making colourful pillows for vampires to sleep on, you know who you are.)  The players who contributed to the final idea have the plasma shared between them. Thank you.

Thanksgiving event


The thanksgiving event is now up and running! Want to take part?
Click here to read about the Thanksgiving quest

Black Friday Special
To go with the Thanksgiving event, the Black Friday plasma is now up and live! Click here to view the bargains we have on offer. The special and thanksgiving event will end on Saturday night!

Enjoy the week!


Boudica Night Tigress said...

WooT! I know there were more than one turkey idea! lol Thanks Ash for always making holidays so special! ;)

Death By Music Nevermore said...

xD I couldn't resist the colorful turkey feather pillows! Darn I was so hoping my idea would win. :) Oh well! This seems fun too. x3

Anonymous said...

ermahgerrd, black friday, thats so racist.

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