Sunday 11 November 2012

Good Vs Evil Week Event

Good Vs Evil Event

Just like the previous Boys Vs Girls event I've decided to try it from a different angle. Good VS Evil alignment. The Boys VS Girls event I've been pretty got balanced on how to fairly run that event, but now we're going to try out and test a good vs evil war. (Alignment is altered at the DC Statue)

The count will be based on BLOOD. Although the win count will be calculated for statistical purposes. To win, you need to suck more blood than the other team.

Information & general rules:

- Blood will count for your alignment team every PvP attack win you make.
- The blood it says on the screen is the blood that will count (includes all potion boosts)
- Whichever team has the most total blood at the end of the event will the prizes.
- Rank 1 accounts do not count at all.
- If your alignment is 0, your kills will count for neither team.
- The event will end Sunday 18th November evening at 10pm game time.
- There will be a section at the bottom of the Dead City with a few stats, although the decision to release the current scores will be made later in the week.

The event will kick off at 10pm game time TONIGHT (Sunday 11th November).

Good luck to everyone, and I very look forward to how this event will play out.

Payment System Questions
I've had a few blood letters where people would like to buy the old set pre-paid card packs as well as using the new cart system. They are still available! If you scroll to the bottom of the BUY VIP page, you'll see some text and links that will link you directly to the Pay Safe Card page, the Ultimate Game Card page and the Onebip page, just as they were before. You can use either that or the new cart system.

November competition
The competition entries need to be in for the 18th November, so there is enough time for the preparation for the events.

Enjoy the week :)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If people are at 0 alignment, and last minute choose to +/- to the winning side (or what they guess to be), will they count as a winner? Or will it count as whatever they were at when it started?

- Next time it would be interesting to work out some blood boost, just for the duration, where more alignment either side = tiny bonus. People who are more good/evil should have more oif an affect on battles between good and evil after all!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun !!!

Boudica Night Tigress said...

Always good to see you implement a suggestion for an event Ash! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

If alignment is at zero now chances are they don't kill anyway

Unknown said...

So....err when can we see the Blood Count! :p Great event Ash.

Anonymous said...

Another comp with uneven numbers on each side.... Great idea....

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