Wednesday 6 October 2010

Facebook like for promo code & quick random competition

Hey guys!

Running a quick Facebook thing... basically I just posted a status on the Facebook fan page, and if it gets 100 likes I will issue everyone a promo code to use!

Pretty simple, login to Facebook (if you have one or want too), like our page, then like the status "100 likes on this status and I'll issue a promo code!" If the status gets 100 likes, I will issue a promo code!

Facebook like page:
Whilst you're at it, don't forget to follow my Twitter too :

Quick 3 plasma competition has been won! I'll think of something harder next time.

If you missed the last blog about some updates the October competition, you can read all about it by clicking here.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Sweating Bullets by megadeth ID=97377.

Anonymous said...

Hello me, meet the real me
must be Megadeath - Sweating Bullets
Warcloud Grimm Anastasius (375195)

Errdegahr said...



Anonymous said...

Sweating Bullets- Megadeth
Calista Cannibal- 71985

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Fun, fun, fun ... 'til your Dad takes your T-bird away Ash! roflmao Just kidding of course. Is there a particular place that we put the response for the song? :)

Anonymous said...

i would have to agree....good song. sweating bullets by megadeath
Sir Lucien Kronus
ID: 374182

Brianne Invisible (82385) said...

Sweating Bullets by Megadeath

I believe that is the song you are thinking.

Great idea for the promo code too Ash. Already liked it! Keep all the good ideas coming!

Anonymous said...

2010-10-06 23:03:25 - DarkAsh (1) has given you 3 Plasma. Thank you for supporting the game!

Anonymous said...

Sweating Bullets by Megadeath
ill cosby 360911

Teada Moon Fidela (159671) said...

Sweating Bullets by megadeth

Anonymous said...

Sweating Bullets by Megadeth would be my 1st choice but since that's taken here's another possibility:
"A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy" by The Kinks?
(Hello you, hello me...)

Phoenix (334034)

Anonymous said...

Song: Sweating Bullets,


ID: (368883)

DarkAsh said...

Its already won, please stop posting answers :P

Gummy [367714] said...

Lol.. that's what I was gonna post Ash! And I liked it.. :] thank yous

Aidric said...


103 others like this.

C.S.T said...

Well more than 100 people liked it so I'm sure you'll be issuing that promocode soon! :)

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