Saturday 23 October 2010

Coven Wars V2.0 Beta

The idea of a brand new coven war system was very well received a few months ago. It is a big jump from the simple *Click* of the old system. As good as we thought they were, a high majority didn't like the flaws in the system. Of course no system we implement can be completely fair or make everyone happy, but we want to get as many people happy with it as we possibly can.

I present the next (and hopefully better) version of the coven wars. V2.0.

There has been a discussion on the forum for a couple weeks now on suggestions on how to make the coven wars even better. So I've taken your ideas, worked on them, and made the fit into the game.

Here's how they now work...

- They now work on a round based system. Each war lasts 50 rounds, each round lasts one hour. (So these new wars in theory are 2 hours longer than the old)

- A kill to the enemy coven gives you +1 war exp (there are no bonuses, 1 kill = 1 war exp)

- The winner of each round is determined by your covens total war exp / active members in the enemy coven. (Active players are determined by players who have logged in at least once in the last 14 days). The same is done for the other coven, their total points/your active members (over rank 5). Whoever has the highest score wins that round! At the end of the 50 rounds, whoever has the most round wins, wins the war!

- The correct number of active members that are classed as "Active" in the wars  is displayed on the top of the coven page.

- Another downside to the old system was people didn't want new player in their coven because they were a liability. Well, in order to take part in the wars you need to be rank 5+ and 7+ days old. That means that their kills won't give any war exp, and their deaths won't give any war exp to the enemy until the hit a week old and rank 5.

- The tier structure and exp taxes remain the same as follows:

Tier Diff:      EXP:
0 diff = 100% of the exp
1 diff = 75% of the exp
2 diff = 50% of the exp
3 diff = 40% of the exp
4 diff = 30% of the exp
5 diff = 20% of the exp
6 diff = 10% of the exp
>7 diff = 1% of the exp

Tier 1: 1-10 members
Tier 2: 11-25 members
Tier 3: 26-50 members
Tier 4: 51-75 members
Tier 5: 76-100 members
Tier 6: 101-150 members
Tier 7: 151-250 members
Tier 8: 251-500members
Tier 9: 501-750 members
Tier 10: 751-1000 members
Tier 11: 1001-1500 members
Tier 12: 1501-2500 members
Tier 13: 2500+ members

- Your coven still needs to be a week old in order to start warring. Tier 1 covens can still only attack other tier 1 covens

- The red war box now just shows winner of the last 1 hour round & how many rounds are left
- Everyone's total collected War Exp, coven war stats have been reset, and will be reset again after beta (for obvious reasons)

- The coven war leaders page now shows the total win rounds after a war instead of total collected war exp. The layout of this page will be updated after Beta

Everyone has been given a war (whether they've used theirs this week or not) to go and start a war and start testing out this new system.

I will be keeping a close eye on it and I'll let it run for a couple weeks and address any changes then. Make sure you report any bugs and give your feedback on this forum thread. Post any questions you have on this thread too. If you ask questions in the comment section they probably won't get seen & answered.

Thanks & enjoy!


[367714] said...

Awesome :] Thanks

Sofie Arith T'Kar said...

Sounds good Ash, let's hope it works ^_^

~Most Unholy~ Alchemist (316707) said...


Anonymous said...

Good work Ash! ^-^

-Fairah Montalvo Outlaw

Anonymous said...

Like the old ar exp beter

D.A. Deathsbane said...

Seems like an improvement, so I can't wait to see if it works.

Anonymous said...

Not related to war or anything, but either I have the worst luck in the world, or somethings wrong somewhere. I've only gotten ONE piece of candy from the QotD, and that was on the first day of the event. What gives?

~M~ said...

Will see how it goes.. :)

Bob The Annoyed Guy said...

"At the end of the 50 rounds, whoever has the most round wins, wins the war!"

so um.... just to stop the wasted war time... when one coven hits 26 "Round" wins... couldnt that just end the war? instead of wasting time... even if its 2 hours... or in some cases 24 hours... since 26 "round" wins is technically the magic number and anything after that is an utter and complete waste of time and effort with no possible turn around.

kinda lame.

Aftershock "Spot" said...

Doesn't really waste your time. If you're sure of the win, stop battling and let the enemy continue fighting you wasting their turns on something they can't win. You'd still have to wait for the next week to get your declare war back anyway.

Anonymous said...

a little confused. if I killed a rank 50 does my coven get 1 point or 50 war experience? if the latter, does that mean the coven with the highest war experience after one hour gets a point and the first to 26 wins? if so, I think I prefer the older system that doesn't force you to be online 24/7 to get points

Trent said...

A Question. . .. Is a Coven tier taken from attackable players ie rank 5 and above?..I ask as Raven has 101 Players and therefore is Tier 6, but i have many below rank 5 so i have an unfair edge as my coven would be made up of unattackable players. . this would also apply to alot of other covens .. inparticular Buds (so at least Bux would be happy :o)) . . anyway point being why not structure the tier arround attackable players. . .if not you would have an advantage for keeping inactive and unattackable players within your coven....just a thought. . please note this isnt a bitch about the new system. . just a thought

Wolfpack said...

very interesting changes Ash, cant wait to see how it pans out.

Gabriella DeathWish said...

I like the sounds of this system way more.:)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm the old system was about the most blood and this is about the most rounds...kinda a big change not sooo sure everyone will like there coven war exp wiped clean some people had 2-10 million and the spot in most coven wins all that hard work covens put into getting sooo far only to know you'll just get bored and wipe us clean i say this new change wont last....the old way was way better in alot of peoples eyes the old system was fun and had alot to do with the game vamp = blood system not rounds and it had everyone active this one will not...

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of suck ups! This is the worst thing i have ever heard! I dont even WANT to send my coven to war now.

Anonymous said...

After one coven has won 26 rounds there is no possible way to turn the war around. I know wars aint fair, but you should always be able to turn a war around

Immortelle said...

Other war format better. Whoever the hell suggested a multiple turn based system was needs their hands cut off to stop them from suggesting anything else as stupid as this.

Anonymous said...

Well said Imm

Anonymous said...

stop crying about the little things guys, did he not say "Of course no system we implement can be completely fair or make everyone happy, but we want to get as many people happy with it as we possibly can."?

I say !GREAT WORK! I think it sounds much better lets do it!

Anonymous said...

"I say !GREAT WORK! I think it sounds much better lets do it!"

Spoken like a guy who spends all his weekends ALONE in the basement! This system truly sux!

Drakenette (288421) said...

Was really hoping you would have used my idea and introduced bombs or something of the like into the system...:( But other than that I can't wait to try this system..

Anonymous said...

'blood vs blood results' on the coven war leaderboard should be updated, since this isn't based on blood anymore

Anonymous said...

Ok lets just skip this one and go to Coven Wars V 3.0

Anonymous said...

it's alright. might need improvement.

father tom said...

whatever bro. i win no matter what you try to do

Anonymous said...

I like the old war system better. :(
I cant be online all day trying to win, and people in my coven are all english, so we lose out on hours to some covens who have australians and such in their as they can be online at 4am here. And again, if i attack a rank 20, do i get 20 or 1? And if a rank one is over 7 days old, can i get points or do they have to be both?

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