Monday 10 September 2012

Quiz Night Results

Quiz Night Results
Thanks to everyone who came along to the quiz last night. The room was packed and it was a lot of fun! Was very hard work trying to keep up with the floods of answers after every question that was asked. The vampires gave the most correct answers are listed below:

x7 Sir Galahad (206714)
x6 Jonathan DeLaRosa (411454)
x4 Mortiana SaDiablo (293358)
x4 Alexander of Scarmare (252462) 
x4 Audrey Jourdain Hardkiss (214750)
x3 Claws (83719)
x2 Tweetly Durkee (527431)
x2 Alexandra D.S.A. Belikov (51937)
x2 PLI`s Paulie (1893)
x2 Katherine Drake (236111)
x2 Lothar Blackfang (106438) 
x1 Naz Asrai (243761)
x1 Nataša Ivory (557332) 
x1 Lilah (545977)
x1 Errdegahr Venorik (415642)
x1 Ophelia V.B.S. Night (51937)
x1 Lily O`Connell Magnus (412239)
x1 Lilah (545977)
x1 Trixie DAFK Winterheart™ (447519)
x1 Karst`s pussy, Kierka (558120) 
x1 Phenora Draius (200242)
x1 Child of the Damned (144445)
x1 Darion Lancaster (203259)  
x1 Kaitlyn Duval (468693)

I've taken all the feedback of the quiz in, the majority enjoyed it, a few experienced some lag (although I didn't and my connection sucks), and a few complaints of people answering before they even see the question, just got to be quicker! Thanks again for taking part, it was a lot of fun and hope all the winners enjoy the QP. (Also for the people who stayed until the end, enjoy the promo code you got to use!) Maybe another one sometime? :)

Have a great week,


Alexander of Scarmare said...

Had a lot of fun last night, good times. Definitely should have another sometime.

Rizzy said...

I had a good time while I was there. It was fun to see so many again in chat for a change.

I would have appreciated it if when the player with the correct answer first was named, that the correct answer be given at the same time. Chat was moving so fast and it was hard to keep track. I asked this during the game but it's didn't seem to make an impression.

It was fun but some have a serious advantage with a faster connection.

Would have been nice to have some questions surrounding RoB, Dead City and that sort of thing as well.

Congrats to the winners


Aelxandra D.S.A. Belikov said...

Technically I got have me listed twice, just under two different names, haha.

pretty said...

I hope you do it again sometime when I can play!

CL (45459) said...

How bout next time one in each chat? (But only allow people to use one chat at a time - not all) have mods you trust do 2-3 other chat room on the same quiz nights so the one chat isn't as lagged. Had fun though.

Anonymous said...

I'd love you to do this again - but at another time of day please?

Gives people in other time zones more of a chance to participate..

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