Saturday 8 September 2012

September 9th QP Quiz

This blog is a reminder for Sunday night's Quiz night. It'll start at 11pm game time (which is the same as the UK time). If you're not in the UK and still not sure what time that will be, head over to this site and type in London, England, in the search bar, choose 11pm on the London row and it'll show you what time that will be in your location.

More information about the quiz:

- There will be up to 10 different question group themes
- 50 QP will be guaranteed to be given away Sunday night
- 1 QP is to be given to the first person who answers a question correctly
- Late joiners are welcome, although you'd have already missed out on some QP.
- It will be hosted in general chat, so apologies to the disruption to the chatters who chat in there at that time.

I have started a Facebook event page, so if you're coming, join it!

I have promoted this quiz quite a bit (900 likes and counting) so hopefully we'll see a chat full of people fighting for the QP. If it's a success, I'd love to run it more often, and even maybe have quiz master staff to help run it. If not, somebody is going to get that 50 QP regardless.

I'll hopefully get to meet some of you who don't usually hang out in chat :) But for now, I'll hopefully see many of you there Sunday night.

Have a great weekend,


Anonymous said...

We have to join the Facebook page to participate?

DarkAsh said...

Of course not! Anyone can join, I've just setup a Facebook page for people to be able to confirm. It's not a requirement.

Anonymous said...

it's 5 AM here... *sighs*

Anonymous said...

Will be hard for members in Australia to join is as it will be 8:00am Monday Morning. Most will be on there way to work or at work, or on there way to school.

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