Monday 24 September 2012

RoB Mobile ALPHA

Mobile Website Development (ALPHA)

A long time ago, we had something called "RoB Mobile", for those who remember, it was pretty terrible, so I ended up shutting it down.  After several recent suggestions about a mobile version of RoB, and the ever increasing of mobile on the internet overall, I've decided to pick up development on the idea again. I know that over 19% of players actually login at least once a day on their phones, so I think this is a good direction to go.

Bookmark on your mobile:

This feature will run an open alpha testing phase as I slowly develop more features onto it. I want to make it clear, making a mobile version of a site is not as simple as just copying and pasting all the code and make it  "mobile friendly", it needs to be built up from the ground to make it as fully compatible as possible.

It launches in alpha testing mode today with the features:

- The ability to login to RoB (Helpful, right?) Email and ID combination
- Checking your blood letters
- View a basic stats page
- Train your turns at the gym
- View your recent news and battles
- Game updates page for just the mobile site updates

I currently do not have access to test (at this moment) on devices other than iOS. So any feedback on any non-Apple mobile products (on the thread below) will be much appreciated. (Closer to completion, I will of course, get access to, and test on several different devices)

I've opened a mobile duscussion thread right here, I'd like your feedback, thoughts, suggestions and insights on the direction you want me to take with it. I am actually really happy and excited about where this could take us.

Plasma Lottery Winners
Thank you to everyone who entered the plasma lottery this past week. You can see the full details right here, the list of winners are below:

First place: Ender Odin Animus (387685) [50 plasma]
Second place: prettyhatemachine (164945) [40 plasma]
Third place: SisterGrimm D Argantael (567078) [30 plasma]
Forth place: Rock (411030) [20 plasma]
Fith place: SFC Solomon `AG` Durkee (491256) [10 plasma]
Six place: Lady Blackwidow Michaelis (379559) [7 plasma]
Seventh place: Atar of Mesopotamia (258957) [5 plasma]
Eighth place: ~Elegantly Enraged~ (596142) [3 plasma]
Ninth place: Ashton F. Pierce (309260) [2 plasma]
Tenth place: Lesath ShadowLight (339349) [1 plasma]

Everyone who had at least 1 entry has been given a free plasma!

Few Small Updates & Bug Fixes
I've spent a few hours doing a couple suggested suggestions and fixed a few bugs:

+ Blood letter forwarding - You can now forward a blood letter using the new forward blood letter link
+ Removed the floppy disk icon and replaced it with plain text to make it more clear you can save individual blood letters.
+ Pet training now has the quick "Train x more turns" buttons like regular training does.
+ Chat rules and emote code guide are now displayed on top of the chat pages & removed the old dead chat rules links.
+ Made the change avatar link on the blog center not misleading.
+ You must be rank 10 to get through the portal page to access Vadenhill.

Enjoy the rest of the week :)


Boudica Night Tigress said...

Whilst I don't use mobile devices Ash, as always, you do the best in keeping in touch with your players! ;)

Anonymous said...

Will we beable to redeem our pet turns from this app??

SisterGrimm said...

Thank you for the Train x more turns. Pets won't seem like such a chore now.

Looking forward to testing the mobile app!

Duke Danse Macambre said...

As long as this makes using my phone for rob easier I am happy.
Provided no links we did not already have are not removed.

Darquesse said...

I'm happy about this, I allways use my phone and get fed up of allways having to zoom in on every page

Darquesse said...

I'm happy about this, I allways use my phone and get fed up of allways having to zoom in on every page

Aislinn Genevieve™ said...

Thank you for the new updates, Ashie! It's more than, thank you once again!!

You're the greatest! <3

Anonymous said...

Nice updates and fixes...congrats to all the Plasma winners...and I am looking forward to trying the mobile version...will let you know how it goes seeming I am not an apple user...

Anonymous said...

Excellent as usual ... sometimes it's the seemingly small things that make a big difference, like the "Train x more turns" for Mt. Tilia ... this truly rocks !!!

Ekelarwenia said...

Love the idea of the new mobile version! Thanks so much for the "Train x more turns" at Mt Tilia as well! XD

1893 said...

Yaaaaaaaay a mobile site :D expecting my RoB usage to go up 50%+, now we need an API so we can have apps!

Unknown said...

I am also not an apple user. I am an Android user so I will definitely let you know how it goes on my mobile version :)

Div-e-Sepid said...

Just tried out the mobile site on my Samsung Replenish, running Gingerbread. It works well so far.

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