Wednesday 5 September 2012

August Winners & Sunday Quiz Night

August Competition Winners
Thanks to everyone who entered the August competition, my top 3 favourite are:

First:  DarkPrincess~Diluculo (242927)
Second: Ominous (93371)
Third:  Aerith Strife (306935)

Below are listed some other profiles I quite liked (in no particular order), you all get a free plasma too:

Celeste (427599)
Tizzy†Freakshow†Phuri Dae (127113)
Cara~Fidela (75781)
Brianne Invisible™ (82385)
Amena Diluculo Haze (331649) 
 The Clap (486781)

General Chat Quiz Night
Something I've not done before, and have no idea if it will be a hit, is a quiz night in general chat. Whether or not it's a success, I will be asking 50 questions and giving away 50 QP (1 QP per question) to whoever answers the correct answer first. So I invite on you Sunday night (9th September) at 11pm game time to join us in General chat for a chance to win yourself some free QP. Please spread the word! I'll be giving out the QP regardless :)

Enjoy the week,


Anonymous said...

Sounds good but way too late for a sunday night, when you have to wake up early on monday morning. Of course depends on what timezone you're in, for me 11pm game time would be 1am.

DarkAsh said...

There's going to be no perfect time that can satisfy all time zones. If its a success, l will make future quizzes at various times.

Anonymous said...

a quiz? I love it :D I'm going to be there on sunday. For me it will be midnight, but hey, midnights are the best, right ;)

Anonymous said...

would be better on a saterday night imo, weekend for (almost) everyone still :)

Sali said...

The timing definitely benefits the American time zones for this one. I love question games so count me in. Is there a particular theme or emphasis to your questions? I might want to study up a little. :P

pretty said...

The clap should have won!

Micheal said...

6 am my time in Eastern Standard time

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