Thursday 26 July 2012

Plasmlympic Games Event [updated]

The fencing arena is now OPEN! This, and the rest of the events, will end on midnight 12th August. All prizes and extras will be given out within a couple days after that.

Along with the fencing arena, the Plasmlympic boost is now active. Check out the bottom of the Dead City for more information. (All numbers are subject to change if necessary)

August Competition
In the spirit of the Olympics, we have an Olympics based competition this month. It's time to pretty up your profile in the theme of your favourite country! (Can be your own). Once you've done this, you can enter by posting on this thread. The top 3 profiles will win a nice plasma prize. Good luck all! (Thanks for the idea Elayna)

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Plasmlympic Event
The London Olympics begins on the 27th July and finishes on August 12th. So we're going to have an event, the Plasmlympics, to celebrate the Olympic games during the entire Olympic event!

Dead City Plasmlympics Games
There are several little perks and events happening at the Dead City:

  • Weight Lifting - Use your turns to train your strength & toughness for better results than at the gym.
  • 100m Sprint - Train your speed for better results than at the gym.
  • Shooting - Pick up a plasma launcher and shoot back at some humans. Who wouldn't love this?
  • Archery - 5 free archery shots a day for a free random bonus.
  • Fencing Arena - Who says vampires wouldn't love to fence? A simplified pet style mini-game where anyone can take part will be available to play. You get separate turns every hour and can fence any other vampire who is taking part. Prizes will be given out for top level and top 'ego' gained. Small prizes will also be given to everybody who takes part. 
The Plasmlympic boost
Using the features of this event will earn you Plasmlympic Boost. This boost will be used to give boosts that will be active during this event. This will unlock on Monday with the fencing arena.

Plasmlympic Special
There's an awesome plasma special up with this event too, of course. Check out the Buy VIP/Plasma page for all the great offers. (Mobile [OneBip] & Ultimate Game Card too)

There was something I wanted to get launched before this event came around (feels like months since I started to do this) but the negotiations are still happening, although I'm in the final stages. More information on this soon.

I hope you enjoy the event!


Morti-wa said...

thanks for always doing stuff for us Ash.

Cara said...

Thanks Ash! This is sure to be an awesome event! :D

Merit said...

Love the events u do 4 us thanks ash x

dutch wolff said...

Great idea for an event, Ash. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash - more fun!

Salihah said...

Ash is the best. <3

Anonymous said...

G00D. I need my speed t0 increase. ^^

Anonymous said...

ahs this is all awesome just point me in the right direction

tommy said...

you should have made it a nation-based contest, just to see how many people changed their location to USA.

pretty said...

Ash would you be so kind as to record yourself saying the word "Plasmlympic" and post it somewhere for us?

Melisande said...

This is an awesome event, thanks Ash!

roy said...

hey i didnt get my archery shots and and shooting shot today. whats wrong with todays refreshed numbers?

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