Friday 13 July 2012

Few small updates & event update

Spent some time today just going around and tidying up some small things in between spending my time on bigger updates. I hope you like the changes.

  • New chat homepage - The first page you see when you click the "chat" link has been updated. The layout has been improved slightly and I have also added quick links to your house chats.
  • A new account options page preference - You can now turn off the "You've been attacked" notification that appears on the left.
  • The bounty pages now show at the top your total completed bounties, as well as the total bounties completed today.
  • "Shares sold today" now displayed on the Gravemarket page.

Boys Vs Girls Event
I know you think I'm just saying this, but the competition is really close at the moment. Last night it was neck and neck! Today, however, one team has drifted ahead just a little. The difference is around 2.8% (of around 25,000,000 blood drained so far), so as you can tell, it's very close. Tune in Sunday night for the results.

Really looking forward to see who wins this time!

Enjoy the weekend,


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

<3<3<3<3<3 I'll never see that blasted attack notice again. Love you Ash!!

Anonymous said...

2.8% is still almost a million :P

Anonymous said...

i'm just saying i've already found a bug in the new house chat system, it tells you that everyone in the house is in the chat. even when none of them are online.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Finally the Attack Option can be turned off! :D Thank you.

AON Vi Panther Performer said...

Thought we were going to get to see the Girl & Boy Team real scores before end of competition [grr] Great Fun anyway :-) !!! I'm sure the loosing team will demand a rematch ... Next time # of Kills AND Blood ... half & half ????

Legion White Tiger said...

Many thanks Ash. Gravemarket update much appreciated. :)

Anonymous said...

No more Attack notices?! You, are God.

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