Monday 19 July 2010

Coven Wars V1.4 Open BETA


No more coven war rounds now, it seems like the majority are happy so I've decided to run a 6 weeks beta of the coven wars. This will give 6 weeks of analysing trends and really lets you get a feel of the playground to start making strategic decisions.  This "out in the wild" beta run is basically a period of time where we can see how it runs as it would when fully released (and to fix any bugs that pop up).

Only a couple changes this round:
- Co-Owners can declare war, buy white flags etc etc
- When you surrender you do now get a 24 hour protection.
- Coven lockout reduced to 4 days

There were a few good ideas on the last feedback thread but unfortunately it wouldn't be viable to add them in, if you want to know why, head over to the forum thread I made and ask, we also want more feedback there too. We're open to more changes if they're viable over the course of the open BETA. Go ahead and start a discussion on the above forum thread.

Thanks & enjoy


Whiz said...

Thank god! I missed declaring war on a couple of those rounds and it seems like FOREVER since my coven earned experience.

BTW, I love the new war system. It'll be nice once things settle down.

Xithyl Noctis Seryth (245018) said...

why does there have to be a 7 day coven age restriction? i wanted to wage war!!

Marco said...

Glad to hear it, now the major issues which popped up have been dealt with it will be nice to sit down and go through the wars system knowing that we've got a longer time to evaluate it with the initial niggles hopefully fixed. Thanks Ash, it looks from the feedback like I'm not the only person enjoying this shake up (bugs and all.

So on behalf of all those who like to give something a try rather than just whingeing like little bitches about little teething problems in the testing or how it could be abused because that's the first thing we look for in any new game mechanic, how it could be exploited and then complain if that wouldn't be to our advantage, well done. I think you're putting a lot of work in to make our game experience better and putting up with a lot of flak from morons who just want to moan or who can't even be bothered to read the updates properly so they moan about something which isn't actually an existent problem except for those misreading it.

Anonymous said...

yippy :D

Anonymous said...

@Marco STFU dipshit

Alice Linton said...

Yay! Thank you, Ash :)

Anonymous said...

waa ha ha haaaa

Riley. said...

And you put your name as anonymous because you know hes right and you dont have the balls to put your name!

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Awesome!!! These wars have added so much to the game and are great Ash! Thanks again ... *happy little warrior*

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