Saturday 20 August 2011

New roleplay features & double turns weekend [coven exp too]

New roleplay features
So far this year it's all been about the game updates, but, I've taken a step back for a second and decided to put a bit of focus on the players who love to RP too.

A new create a character feature
Everybody can now create a character! Even if you don't RP, this is still a nifty little feature I'm sure many of you will enjoy. I won't bother explaining it, you should just go ride ahead to the character creation page to read up about it. Keep reading...

The characters you create now show on your profile, just like your family & friends etc.

Roleplaying Panel
Okay so on our "home pages" we have a game panel and a social panel, well now we have added a roleplaying panel too! This is a nice little place where all the RP features put together nicely on one page. This is also the place you go to create your characters.

Forum Updates
The RP forum has been updated too, made a few slight layout improvements and changed the character system. Instead of creating a character for each thread, you now use one of your characters you've created in the new character system. When you go to join a thread, all you do is select which character you want to use, and add it to the thread. This means you don't have to make a new character for every thread, you can use one character over multiple threads.

Don't forget to get give feedback on the RP forum updates on the "give feedback" link at the top of the RP panel page. Thanks to Sin for help setting up the character variables.

Please note that non VIP members can have up to 10 characters, VIP members can have up to 50. So when using the characters in the forum, and you hit your limit, you will have to delete a character in order to create a new one for a new thread.

Double Turn Weekend
August is my favourite month of the year by far. You'll find out why very soon if you don't already know. Everyone will now get DOUBLE turns until MONDAY night!

Double Coven Exp
For an extra bit of double fun, help out your coven and get double coven exp from your battles until MONDAY night by purchasing the selected charity pack this weekend.

Phantom Press
As you can see we've yet again made an update to the Phantom Press layout, it's getting to look more and more like an actual paper, and I'm really pleased of the content Kitty & the writers are writing up.

I've been going around fixing a few bugs here and there, there is also something I'm working on a little bit, which a lot of you would like, but it's going to take a while. I think I'm going to try and develop it in a different way than I have anything else on RoB before, we'll see how it goes, stay tuned.

Enjoy the weeeeekend!


KEROSENE said...

Thumbs up for double turns!

Linus C. Tourettes said...

Sounds great!

Lady Senrence DeathWish said...

Absolutely Awesome Ash!!

TheCount said...

great deal however, suggestion: bring back the double blood weekend also Woo Hoo

Isobel Lynn Bellator said...

Awesome, awesome and more awesome!!! Thank you, Ashie - you're the absolute BEST! <3

QueenYasmin said...

coolio :p

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