Wednesday 15 July 2009

RoB Sign competition results! Who won?!

I'll get straight to the point, upon reviewing the results i picked 3 out of the top voted 7 to win the $250 prize. And here they are...

THIRD PLACE ($50 plasma pack)

Namine (150132)
I chose this as third because it's completely different than the others. She took that twilight dude, which keeps it themed, made RoB out of the message on the mag and added her own little message. Thanks Nam ;)

SECOND PLACE ($100 plasma pack)

VampyreKane (188735)
I chose this as second because lets face it, what's better than a GROUP of people showing their love for RoB? Not quite sure what the dude in the middle is about though. Thanks!

FIRST PLACE ($250 plasma pack)

Yuai (42168)
I just saw this and went "Wow". It's dark, fits in with the mood and theme of the site, the message not written on just plain paper. A lot of thought it appears went into this picture, and is my favourite. Thank you!

What you guys didn't know also is that the winner gets a place on my office wall...

I have also given everyone who got to the voting stage 5 plasma for entering. Thank you for your support through the competition, I will set up a new one soon :)

Thanks again!


Apostle is Here said...

Awesome, the one I voted for won - Congratulations to all winners !

Sweet Desk, Ash.

Vinushka said...

Nice choices, and the winning one looks great as a poster. Congrats everyone!

aSh Is fAiL said...

Damn Emos. Too Much makeup, not enough originality. FAIL X 1,000,000.

Anonymous said...

Damn Envious Bitches. Too Much ignorance, not enough sense. FAIL X 1,000,000.

Nice job Yuai.

DarkAsh said...

Awww jealousy :) Hehe.

Anonymous said...

OMFG that chick who won is so HOT!!

Vinushka said...

I'm guessing "aSh Is fAiL" entered this competition? Better luck next time. ~.^ Nice comeback from "Anonymous" haha. The participants get 5 plasma just for entering so you're all winners. And i agree with the second "Anonymous", both Namine and Yuai are lovely.

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