Tuesday 7 July 2009

No daily reset today

There was no main reset today because the guys were working on the server, i didn't realise until i just woke up from some kid screaming outside, checked my email and said they began work at 11pm. Read in the forums it didn't happen so I've ran a manual reset now. Of course around that time i was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I'll post again when the server is ready, shouldn't be anymore downtime.



DarthSpongebob said...

i love you ash o_O

AngeliquePapillon said...

ditto that DarthSpongebob

Anonymous said...

Ditto that Angelique O_o

13Slayer said...

Greetings Ash ... Indeed, I add my voice with others as to lovin' ya! You rock and I appreciate deeply how much you care for all of us here on RoB. And let's hope you don't awaken to a kid screamin' outside again, as that can't be at all pleasant! Have a great one! Cheers.

Lady Death said...

Is it just me or is the game being crazy tonight?

Rez said...

It's being crazy this morning here. Vote rewards jumping up & down, life bar emptying by itself and filling up with no activity from me, vampires that are shown as alive not being killed and some saying they are dead when it says they're not - weird.

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