Monday 31 October 2011



More Halloween Celebrations
Overall the Reign Of Blood vampires have killed over 229,015 zombies in our Halloween zombie slaying event! That's pretty awesome. But we're not just going to stop there, you'll be glad you logged in today!

Spring Valley Trick Or Treat
If you kept an eye on our Facebook & twitter pages, you'd notice I gave out a hint the other day to save some Spring Valley stamina, don't panic if you missed it though! A trick or treat event is happening right now over at Spring Valley, where you can use your stamina to trick or treat rather than hunt. You can trick or treat JUST today, with a cap of 300 trick or treats.

Haunted House
There's also a haunted house that's appeared at Spring Valley too, you should go find the silver key and check it out.

Double Blood
For today only, enjoy double blood! This will go well with all the extra turns you'll be earnings with these events. (With the zombie bonus & using potions, this is going to be a lot of blood)

VIP/Plasma special
The special will last for 6 days longer (until this Sunday) so get all the cheap plasma and brainzzz in whilst you can.

Event ending times
All today's new Halloween events will end first thing tomorrow morning, the zombie slaying will continue for a couple more days, but you'll be able to trade your brains until the end of the week when the special ends.

Other updates
If you've been keeping up with our game updates page, you'll notice a few small updates this week.

- Donate all armour button added to covens.
-  [ Donate all in hand money ] coven option added.
-  Blood letter notification now disappears when you open a message.
- Highest power, NPC skill, coven exp & war exp earned added to top vampires page.

Clocks changed!
The UK clocks changed last night, I'm not entirely sure when the rest of the world changes theirs, but the reset may appear an hour out :) Keep an eye on the RoB clock on every page to keep updated with the server time.

Halloween Profile Competition
So many good Halloween profiles this year, well done everyone! I couldn't pick just three, so I spread the prize out to all of the below.

Snow Bitch™ (309053)
Sinene Van Strauss (491602)
Sathyr Amaranthus (92445)
Raptors in the Kitchen (155172)
Little Sister (475381)
~*~SexyNurseGeGe~*~ (185423)  
Elizabeth Bathory (376116)
.†.Deamon†Whispers.†.- (163379)
Ominous Unknown™ (93371)   

Enjoy your free plasma!

Have a great Halloween!


~*~SexyNurseGeGe~*~ said...

Thanks Ash.

Deamon Whispers said...

Thanks for all the great improvements Ash :)

Also Congrats to all the great Profiles :)

Kashka said...

US clocks turn back on the 6th.

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