Tuesday 6 September 2011

August competition results & September competition information

August competition winner
Until July 31st, how much total blood has the new NPC arena paid out? The correct answer is 16,839,007. (Total to today is 48,654,555!)

Nobody got it exactly, so the 25 plasma goes to: Bayomorf (536854) for guessing 16,657,912. (Good to see a new player win something)

September competition
This month's competition is a bit different. I want you to review RoB in a creative/interesting way. Basically, the task is to post a blog (not on RoB) about your thoughts of RoB, but be creative/interesting as you can (being creative isn't compulsory) & then just stick your link at the end of it. The top 5 blogs that are submitted will get 10 plasma each, but everyone who qualifies will get 1 plasma just for posting.

For the full rules and more information how to submit, head to the competition page.

Enjoy the week!


Wolfpack said...

congratulations to Bayomorf and good luck to everyone else for the new competition!

Anonymous said...

way to go Bayomorf!! Hmm now to start writing.. I want that plasma!

Anonymous said...

Ash, it still upsets me that you have not released who the new RP Forum moderators are....

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