Friday 30 September 2011

Extra turns weekend & a pet change

Phantom Press 
First off, some bad news for some, the Phantom Press edition 9 is the final edition in this round of the PP. We'll be looking soon to find a fresh team of writers to continue as we give Kitty a break. We'll enjoy a hiatus and come back soon better than ever.

Extra turns weekend

Our Facebook fans have spoken, having a turn event this weekend is the winner! So, from now on until Sunday evening, everybody will get +10 turns an hour. Want an EXTRA +10 turns an hour? Buy the 5 plasma charity ($10) pack found on the buy VIP page. Although it'll tick over the end of the month, the proceeds will go to ActionAid still until I announce the new charity next week.

September Competition Winners
Thank you to everybody who took part, the plasma will be coming your way!

Pet changes
You can always tell when something is getting good when you have to make few changes to it. As we go into this new pet round, the changes:

- 10 minute protection has been reduced to 5 minutes!
- Pet leaderboard pet links now link to public profile again
- Delete players pets no longer come up with ()

The update
This new cool update will be ready to launch next week, can't wait to see what you guys think of it.

Enjoy the weekend :)


Anonymous said...

u never seize to amaze me ash!! your the greatest

-Kora Semele (542358)

~Most Unholy~ Alchemist (316707) said...

The Blood Gd does it again... Thanks Mr. Ash

Anjerre de Vemeras said...

Thanks for reducing that ten minute protection, thought that was too much. Looking forward to the update!

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