Wednesday 21 September 2011

Upcoming Wallie card changes

It's been brought to my attention that Wallie Card has sold out to PaySafeCard. I've not actually heard of PaySafe, but they promise to have even more outlets around the world to sell prepaid cards. I gave them a call, and have not yet been given a date of the swap. But they have told me all current Wallie Cards will work, and will continue to work after the switch. After the switch of course, wallie cards will be no longer available and you'll have to buy PaySafe cards. I'll update the page and announce it when the deal is done. As far as I'm told, Paysafe cards will actually work now through the Wallie system. (They both use the 16 digit pin system)

Doesn't make too much sense to me why they'd destroy the brand quite well known among games. Also some of you may not have known that the Ultimate Game Card actually got bought out by Visa a few months ago, but they're keeping the brand and cards the same. Who knows, they know better than me, of course.

10 days left of the Sep competition, it's really simple & a great easy way to earn a few plasma.

Mainly been working on bug fixes (more to come) and some other secret stuff.

More to come :)


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huh, well thats interesting.

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hmm it would be nice if we could pay with paysafe yes :)

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