Friday 4 November 2011

Double points weekend, November competition & charity

October Competition Winner
The best RAHP rap was done by Jagerbong (486781)

Rap is crap, we ain`t down with that, 
But Rahp attack is a effin blast! 

Twice revived, yeah twice alive, 
gettin a piece of that apple pie.

Every 30 minutes best prepare to die, 
when my zeon blade comes down from the sky. 

So get on your knees, it`s time to beg Ash please,
give the rob community what it needs.

Just 1 more day, just one more time,
Revive at half past puts us in overdrive. 

Everyone who entered properly will now be sent a plasma just for entering, thanks for taking part!

November Competition
November's competition is to think up a motto for Reign Of Blood's Christmas advertising campaign next month. I know, i know, it's the start of November. but if the supermarkets already have entire isles dedicated to xmas, surely it's okay for us to start a little early too?

The motto should be no more than a sentence long, it could arrange from serious to silly-funny. The winner will get 10 plasma, and for every other one that I like / amuses me, will get a plasma too.

Head to the competition page for more information.

November charity

To celebrate remembrance day this month, the charity will be Help For Heroes again, supporting the soldiers who get wounded defending our countries.

The lottery has finally rolled over again, it's been a while since it has. The jackpot is over $200million, and I'm sure it'll be higher before tomorrow nights draw, good luck to all those who have entered.

Double Points weekend
Earn double points again on all points offers. This will end Sunday night.

Halloween events & specials
The zombie slaying even is now over, the VIP and plasma special will continue until Sunday night. Thanks for taking part and all your support.

311,706 zombies were killed in total, good job!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

well here they started sellin christmas things a month ago so i think you are a bit late hehe

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Wonder what our little extra reward will be for taking part of the zombie attack that was mentioned a couple blogs back. :)

Gabriella said...

Love that RAHP its catchy hehe:P
Niiice on the Nov. comp. hellz I think I may have to try and think of something on this XD and there is nothing wrong with thinking ahead of time, hell the stores here were selling Halloween and Christmas chit at the same time, guess they felt the need of for Good vs. Evil theme XD

Mizz Rozzie said...

I thought I saw a little island on your Dead City country map... Maybe it could be the bloody Christmas Island...ahaha Then everyone can have a bloody good Christmas Holiday....

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