Tuesday 8 November 2011

Reign Of Blood's Official Google Plus Page

Offical Google Plus page
[ Click here to view our Google+ page ]

Google+ have officially opened up pages for Google+ users. So I've decided to make one for RoB. Click the link above or image below to check it out.

So everybody who is on Google+, please follow and +1 us :)

Lottery Rollover
The lottery rollover jackpot for this weekend is over $550mil. There's going to be a few richer vampires in the Dead City this week. It's probably worth getting a few tickets, even if you don't usually buy any.

The Reign Of Blood toolbar has been updated with the new Google+ page link. Firefox and IE users can get the toolbar here for free.

More to come, enjoy the rest of the week!


Kyle Nitas said...

nicer, ill be sure to drop in
((mwahaha, first post.))

Anonymous said...

And why won't the new toolbar download? <.<

Noir said...

Sticky fingers anonymous :D LMAO

Nice Ash. Looking great *thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

I don't think this lottery is very fair, there should be a cap of how much in tickets you can buy. The rich people are starting to over run everything and plamsa prices are crazy. What is with the gravemarket, it looks as though it has crashed?

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