Saturday 19 November 2011

New VIP SUBSCRIPTIONS (with offer) & page layout

New VIP Page
I have completely re-designed the Reign Of Blood upgrade store. Hit the BUY VIP/PLASMA link to check it out. It's broken down a lot better instead of everything just listed on one page.

New subscriptions - Never run out of VIP again!
An idea that has been suggested several times, more targeted at the vampires that prefer less effort, is VIP subscriptions. Well, finally, they are here! And what's even better the plasma ones come with better rates. Click here to check them out!

Unfortunately, this feature is only available with Paypal, as they are the only payment system that currently offers this service. Our payment terms page has been updated to accommodate the terms with subscriptions.

The first 20 people to subscribe to any pack will receive a free random gift!

Thank you for your patience with the change over from Wallie. My application to a new provider is still being processed, will let you know when it's ready as soon as possible.

Ultimate game card
I've had reports of people finding lots of retail stores in Australia that now sell the Ultimate Game Card. So I've happily added it to RoB!

Can you guess?
Our 2000 day old celebration blog included a little competition. The answer I was thinking was : The base price for VIP has always been based on $5 USD. Congratulations to Lust~N~Desire (519885) for getting it first.

Please let me know if you have any problems with the above updates.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

for shizzle

tommy said...

'for shizzle' ? ...dude, its 'fo shizzle' , and furthermore, no one says that anymore.

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