Thursday 24 November 2011

Black Friday weekend celebrations

Ye olde plasma sale
The majority of the world are celebrating discounts today, so why not us as well? Great offers on plasma packs, head to the Buy Plasma page for all the details.

Black Friday plasma rewards
So you've just got a great deal on some plasma, want to be rewarded more? Excellent idea! Head the to Black Friday plasma rewards page at Dead City, where you can get even more rewards for supporting the game this weekend. (The first 2 deals are open to everyone!) Paypal, Google & Ultimate game card special packs add to your Black Friday plasma count.

Black Friday quest
Can't celebrate a weekend without a little quest, right? A nice simple *shopping list* type quest for you to complete for a tasty little reward.

Black Friday double turn weekend
Just to top this all off, we're going to have a double turns weekend too!

ALL of this will end Sunday night, enjoy it whilst it lasts!

Oh, and happy thanksgiving to all the Americans!

Enjoy the weekend!


Apophis said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of RoB as well

TheCount said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Gabriella said...

Thanx Ash! Happy Thanksgiving:D

Anonymous said...

Great Idea !!! Thanks Ash

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