Friday 16 December 2011

Xmas features #4 & plasma special!

Profile update
All profiles now have 2 more variables for you to show off. Blood drained from battle today, and you're collected collectibles! They are displayed on both v1 and v2 of the profiles.

Xmas feature #4
Candy canes are back! You can collect sugar from battle and use it to turn into beautiful tasty candy canes, which give you a boost of energy to increase your stats! Because I'm such a nice guy, you all start off with a free candy cane.

VIP & Plasma special
After being asked several times when the special will be up, it's now up! All special packs now come with extra candy canes. There is also a new special pack that can add to your collectibles collection. For all vampires who have all 3 of these collectibles will get a special extra prize on Christmas day. The ultimate game card now come with candy canes too!

On the VIP & plasma gifting page, the special xmas packs are now available to gift to your loved ones on RoB. Christmas is all about giving, after all.

Wallie Replacement
Progress for a Wallie replacement is now well under way, after the amount of security checks this new company wanted to do, its now finally over, I've been sent some of the document to start setting up. I'll have to spend some time learning their API and getting it up and running, more on this soon.

1 more Christmas feature to come next week.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!! Thank you Ash!!

Soulful Sin Mauvaise said...

I don't see the point in clogging up profiles with worthless information such as how many collectibles you own.

Izzybelle Fidela Pierce said...


Gabriella said...

Thank You Ash! You are so sweet and Awesome. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!!!

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