Sunday 18 December 2011

Holiday extravaganza week

Xmas feature #5
The final Christmas feature is a holiday themed quest! You can find the link to this quest at the Christmas area of the Dead City.

Christmas pack?
So many people have got their hands on one of the Christmas packs and unlocked the hat icon next to your name. For all those who have bought one (and to the ones who do during this week) you get +5 extra turns an hour, for the rest of the week!

More turns...
If you want more turns an hour for the rest of the week, there is another new Xmas goodie package which gives you extra +10 turns an hour for the rest of the week. What's even better, is 10% of the revenue from this pack will go into this months WWF charity pot.

And for everyone... +50% extra PvP battle blood!

All of the above will end on the 27th December (Just over a week, actually)

Have a great week,


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash! You Legend!

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

With each year the goodies only become more fun Ash. Thanks for sharing your exuberance at Yule with the rest of us! :) Well done. *wink*

Anonymous said...


Gabriella said...

Wish I had waited now, cos I would have bought this new pack for Christmas instead of the other special, just cos of the charity part. Thanks for keeping them up til after Christmas, I shooed be able 2 snag 1up. :)

TheCount said...

wow, nice.

Gunslinger 206620 said...

Hey, this is for Reign of Blood!!!

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