Thursday 17 December 2009

Dropping a blog about my new site!


Hey guys, I was saying a while ago about a site I was in the middle of setting up, well it's finished! It won't be for everyone, but if you're really bored waiting for turns you can check it out and play some funky flash games. There is over 1600 at the moment, and I'm buying in around 500 more so there is plenty there.

Check it out at

I've also added a small link at the bottom of each page if you ever forget and fancy having a play over there.

Last thing, thanks to everyone who is entering the contest, it's going to take a longgggggg time going through them all but I'm looking forward to seeing your artistic skills.

I will be adding more CANDY CANES this weekend, I'll post a new blog when that happens.

Enjoy your weekend! (When it starts)



Anonymous said...


-Blake ^^

the chaotic santa said...

second and ash bl me the code for tht smilie please

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash, you're amazing, as always.

Christmas whispers said...

wow hah ha ha can you bl me the code for that smily also ash :-)

DarkAsh said...

Never, stop asking :P

Anonymous said...

That's sooo cool lol I want the code too for that smily please Ash!

Can't wait to eat more candy cane yum! :p

SlayerXIII_Boudiccas_Line said...

You never let us down ... and always make the holidays more enjoyable regardless! Thanks for being so super Ash ... as always, YOU ROCK! :D

Anonymous said...

LoL at that smilie - reckon it rocks!

Anonymous said...

Cool smiley :)

-Charlie Ray

LoneWolfJi said...

Great site =]
and cool smiley

Legion / Tiger said...

Dropping a Blog? Bad night on the curry then?
Well done Ash, another great site. :)

Anonymous said...

You can't just put that their and not tell anyone!!!! It is so cruel!!! I am stuck in coven chat trying to figure it out and it is pissin me off!!!!!!

-'Cookie' Souskue Madara (105841)

Anonymous said...

XD Has anyone figured out that it's not a code? It's off tiny pics. And Awesome game site Ash, been on there for a bit now.

Anonymous said...

ur way awesome

Anonymous said...

The site looks amazing! Falling over from fever and exhaustion, but will visit it tomorrow after some sleep.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha no spammin that smilie you n00bs!!

Anonymous said...

hey ash people just say that to make you make them a vip lol but you'r doing awesome lol

from vampire genesis

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